Sat down at a China Shores slot machine @ Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas today……

Preparing for March Madness on Thursday & sat down on a slot machine at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Put $40 in the machine, & dropped to $19 doing $3 max spins before hitting this $600….

No guts no glory! I find it boring to do less then MAX SPIN! Go big guys, but always stay cool. The girl in the first video here should take a lesson in chilling out – especially over $1,000.

Certainly will be going big on Florida & Michigan throughout the Tourney. At least Sweet 16 for Michigan, & to the Title game for Florida.

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Lady gets scammed out of her entire $250,000+ retirement by a nigerian scammer!

This would qualify as an intriguing money related story, & therefore, a Dr. Phil show has made it’s way on to!

Sucks to see that “a sucker born every minute” is still holding true. Thought with the awareness of the media today, that the gullible & naive would become extinct by now….

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We saw a 1.4 trillion to 1 perfect storm of events in Broncos Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII

If you were able to bet $100 on a 7 prop parlay for the Super Bowl, you would have won over $1 trillion dollars!

$1,035,097,104,900 to be exact. Continue reading

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Started the season with a bold prediction, now ending it with Seahawks to beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl!

In NFL Week 1 this year, I boldly stated that RG3 would SUCK against the Philadelphia Eagles, & despite the fact that Vegas had the Redskins to win the game, the Eagles would prevail. My opinions Week 1 of RG3 ended up being spot on throughout the season – to the point that Robert Griffin the 3rd was benched with a couple of weeks to go. It was a very bad sophomore season for RG3 – & I called it here.

& now, to end the NFL season, it is time for Dollar Scholar Picks annual Super Bowl Guarantee. I have yet to be wrong since doing this, see the past successful predictions here. This will be the first year where I VLOG my prediction.

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Two Female Epic Fails For Ya… One FALLS over winning $ while the other FAILS at being handed $

One just can’t win with a shred of grace – she acts like she just won a life changing amount:

The other can’t guess correctly to save her life. She definitely doesn’t have any DSD. She needs to stay away from gambling because she is never going to win anything with the kind of bad luck seen here: Continue reading

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