Dollar Scholar Guarantees

2/02/2013….+125  Seattle Seahawks will beat the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl 

2/06/13…+165 TB Ravens will beat the 49ers in Super Bowl         (6-0)
1/30/12…+120 NY Giants will beat the Patriots in Superbowl        (5-0)
2/06/11…-140  Packers will beat the Steelers in Super Bowl           (4-0)
1/30/11…+135  Celtics will beat the Lakers in Game 7 “Rematch“  (3-0)
1/23/11…- 190 Steelers will beat the Jets in AFC Championship   (2-0)
1/23/11…-190 Packers will beat the Bears in NFC Championship (1-0)

Separate from the normal day to day picks that makes up the yearly record are the Dollar Scholar Guarantees. They are very rare events – just a couple a year. Picks that are labeled Dollar Scholar Guarantees have special elements involved. A 6th sense comes into play. I am so locked in, focused & zeroed in on a certain team, the vibes, energy, & all of the relevant statistics that I put the name & brand’s credibility on the line by saying things like “Delete me if my guarantee fails because I obviously don’t know what I’m talking about & my brand deserves to disappear.” Dollar Scholar Guarantees puts my money where my mouth is & gives you an even greater confidence that my pick is right so that you can bank on it.

Yet to be wrong on a guarantee!