D$D Parlay of the Day!

There are lucky liquor stores that produce lottery winners over & over resulting in crowds lining up for tickets that are born from being spit out of the proven to be blessed machine for the slightest extra bit of good luck, vibes, positive thinking & magic in the air to aid their hopes that they will be the next millionaire to add to the ever growing legendary location.


& then there is The Dollar Scholar (who by the way, has almost won $85,000,000 & WILL check off winning the lotto from his to-do-list & add to his list of creating massive financial events born from nothing into six or seven figures. Really, click that.  U+2192.svg Only this event will be a 7 or 8 figure financial event addition to the list, as will the launch & rise of NewsBall.com). Oh yea, if your a member of the D$D Parlay of the Day group, you will get an equal share of the 10% I give away win I win the lotto soon enough. ***

After risking just a few $100 & winning notably a 12, 13, & 23 game parlay, along with countless other 8+ game parlays, for half a million dollars now since 2009, there can be no doubt that there is something about the Dollar Scholar & his picks. A widespread joke began to form among friends & colleagues in his networks that DSD was at play every time another massive six figure parlay was brewing – “1 GAME TO GO – ITS DOLLAR SCHOLAR DESTINY” would become the mantra & relied belief by many. It is true that I am like a lucky liquor store that consistently spits out winning lottery numbers. I DO turn a $100 bet into a $100,000+ parlay win every single year.

Now as of 2013, I have formed the D$D Parlay of the Day feature for all of the public to get in on. For just $2,000 a year ($5.47 a day) you can be emailed the daily jackpot parlay which – if you play consistently & faithfully – will likely have you celebrating to the tune of $100,000+ by the end of the year. Besides having something to look forward to every day with a legitimate chance to win big every day as you day dream yourself through the work day, you get the best bang for your buck. Seriously, think about this model structure: You pay the $2,000 fee to buy the allure, good luck, & magical vibes of my constantly proven winning touch, & then you bet $100 a day wherever you bet, on my D$D Parlay of the Day. Before long, your going to hit a $100,000 – $500,000 win, & probably multiple hits! I haven’t done 365 of these massive parlays in my entire life (probably around only 50 of them) & I’ve turned $100 into $100,000 on numerous occasions since 2009! So if you invest $2,000 to pay me for my services, & have a bankroll of $100 a day to invest into my life changing D$D Parlay of the Day, even if it takes you until Day 350 to see the payoff – your going to have six figures realized from the program before the year is up. You don’t even need $100 a day – you can bet $5 a day or any amount on each parlay, but the payout will drop accordingly. To offset this, just tell me when you sign up how much your going to be throwing down each day, whether it be $5 or $100 or $500, & I can tweak the parlay to make sure your always set to win over $100,000 a day (such as selecting the best point spreads or run lines instead of the Money Line on a few of the picks). You’ll be enjoying the action to the max as you root on top tier quality parlays that are sure to get your heart racing by the end of the day, & most importantly providing you amazing value for your $2,000 membership fee. Most of the days the parlay will end up coming SO CLOSE by going 9 for 10 or 12 for 13 or 15 for 17, but that one day in your membership will see perfection & your going to celebrate. One day I may issue a 13 game parlay & the next day it may be a 20 game parlay. It’s however many, & as many, games that, along with my second to none knowledge & superior good luck & aura surround my being, even slightly appeal to my 6th sense & hunch instinct to include into the parlay.

No one & nowhere else on this planet gives you a better chance to win huge then having the Dollar Scholar & my D$D on your side. If you lack positive thinking (which produces good luck & your destiny), let me do it for you. It has worked for me to the tune of millions of dollars now since 2001.  I’m due for my next massive hit, are you going to be watching from the sidelines or are you going to win your first $100,000 chunk too?

Email Cole@DollarScholar.com to start receiving the D$D Parlay of the Day!

*** When I do finally win the lottery, which WILL happen, you will receive an equal share of the 10% of the net amount (after taxes) that I give away. Your share will be determined by the total number of members either in the “D$D Parlay of the Day” &/or the Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze membership divided by 10% of the net amount received from winning the lottery. As of of 6/25/2013, there are 44 members of the “D$D Parlay of the Day”, 31 Bronze clients, 11 Silver clients, 3 Gold clients, & 1 Platinum client. These clients would be set to potentially pocket over $50,000 each when I win a $100,000,000 jackpot.