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In our age of greed highlighted with the corporate scandals of the last decade, whether your a High School student trying to make some easy cash, or a College business/accounting student, you’ll take something away from Cole’s story. (Audience Reviews Here)

Cole’s raw prison experiences over  extended periods of time has given him plenty to talk about. Through the county jails he passed through on the way to his federal destinations, he encountered hundreds of inmates of various security levels, who were facing short time to life to the death penalty, as he was mixed into general population with county & state inmates during his “diesel therapy” torture notorious by the Bureau of Prisons as an extra form of punishment. Cole talks about the jail house murder of Robert

Powerpoint Slide of a dramatic event Cole was in the midst of.

Vallejo in retaliation for torturing & killing 17 year old Amanda Zubia, the alleged “Alaskan” Murderer Jay Darling who was accused of killing his newlywed wife for the insurance money, & Death Row inmate Timothy Rodriguez who beat to death a

Cole crossed paths with Death Row Inmate Timothy Rodriguez prior to his sentencing

90 year old mother & severely injured her daughter – all of whom Cole crossed paths with behind bars. Then there’s what some will find the sympathetic cases of alleged “hit man” Pavel Valkovich & hedge fund “swindler” Won Sok Lee, both of whom will not get out until 2024 & 2030. It wasn’t all doom & gloom in there from the inmates he met – some less serious characters included Tommy Chong from Cheech & Chong for marijuana & Victor Conti from Balco who was involved in the Barry Bonds steroids controversy. Wesley Snipes, who has just self-surrendered to begin a 3 year prison sentence for failing to file taxes with the IRS, was just missed as Cole was released for good in ending his 13 month probation violation (for complete & utter nonsense, read a shocked Professor Sean Jasso’s letter to the Court).

No matter where he was, from county jail to federal prison – it was never a “camp snoopy” or “camp fed” experience like the media has portrayed for dog killer Michael Vick & inside trader Martha Stewart. Perhaps the richest & most powerful can have their elite lawyers pull strings with the B.O.P. to give them preferential treatment, but otherwise, you find yourself surrounded by everyone & anyone, from dangerous to harmless, not knowing who is who.

This is the position Cole put himself in with the choices he made. The system is fair & cruel at times, the process could take years to escape from, & in Cole’s case, it’s been nearly a decade & counting for the ending in an ongoing nightmare brought on by his teenage mistakes. These lapses in judgment haunt him to this day, in ways that threaten to hold consequences for the rest of his life. He was a teen who only now, ten years later, is starting to recover from the slew of chain reaction consequences he brought on himself. He makes it clear to the audience that he isn’t whining or complaining about what he has been through, simply informing his listeners. “Once you start the dominoes, you have no right to complain. You wouldn’t be in the situations your in, dealing with the BS your dealing with, suffering in ways you never imagined – had you played by the rules.”

And so, now out of federal prison, off intense supervision, & free from a system that kicked him while he was down to keep him from getting up – Cole speaks out on the importance of making good decisions & the consequences of poor judgment, despite major boulders still weighing down on Cole’s shoulder’s.

Cole pointing to Bernie Madoff – serving a 150 year federal prison sentence.

Touching on corporate figures from the white collar fraud media craze, Cole points out these individuals lengthy prison sentences, some of who will never get out of prison.

He ties in his own crimes, talking about them in detail, & reflects with realization that if his gambling investment website went on just a few months longer, he could very well be in prison for the rest of his life.  Had he not got caught when he did, & had been allowed to continue, then he wouldn’t be speaking today. That doesn’t mean he would be on a beach somewhere in Costa Rica! He would be rotting alone, separated from friends & family, missing out on the simple enjoyments of life like a Double Double from Inn N Out, privacy when showering or using the restroom, & walking around barefoot or touching carpet again. Or he would just be dead, consumed with depression & no will to live as many choose to do before they are

Example of a guy who got an 845 year sentence!

sentenced. Speaking directly to the audience, his underlying theme throughout is a stern warning of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” for all to consider, all to be aware of. With the exception of a the pure evil minds, it’s something he blames largely on the downfall of most of these corporate collapses because of the mentality most of the individuals behind them had.  Armed with examples, props, & volunteers, Cole poses questions to the audience in the hopes of making them look deep to their inner selves to see if they are lacking in moral character, integrity, JUDGMENT. He uses shock/scare tactics in a literal sense when a girl volunteer that he has holding a balloon (which represents a

Balloon pops in front of unsuspecting volunteer!

situation) POPS at the shinning of the green laser on it, and she screams. “They will remember that. Just want to make sure I have their attention.”

Cole offers his own theory early on, & comes back to it full circle towards the end with emails from eccentric billionaire Mark Cuban who advises a then 17 year old Cole that “there are no shortcuts” : “This generation is so used to technology at our fingertips, so programmed to convenience & shortcuts, that in 15-30 years when our Generation Y is running America – there will be a corporate scandal shakedown 10x the size of what we just had. These 40, 50, 60 year old Baby Boomers & Generation X individuals had none of this technology growing up, & yet greed fueled by “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” got the best of them. It will be scary to watch our generation take over businesses & the corporate world in a couple decades the way we are glued to social networks, & screens.” Cole adds in for extra punch that there was no convenience of online sports & casino gambling until recently, but with gambling addiction a very real disease, and it’s widespread accessibility so prevalently online these days, even more individuals in positions of power are going to find themselves in debt, having lost their homes, retirements, marriages & families, & resort to hiding, manipulating & fudging numbers to deceive shareholders & investors. At this point, even being aware of a greed fueled “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” lapse in judgment holds no hope of prevailing against desperation of this size. Since it was a computer screen that blurred his line of thinking as a teen to seeing things as numbers & emails instead of people, he jokingly wonders if technology in 10 years is going to have us sitting in front of a screen in front of a screen that does interactive 3D things, etc, adding an extra level of clouding to the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” actions of each other.

Cole hammers home the multitude of consequences he still lives with, & emphasizes that the consequences of greed influencing our judgment travels beyond ourselves, & extends to our family. He shares the emotional tolls that being separated from family takes,  especially on holidays, that it is your family who does the prison time with you & even more so because they worry about your safety. He displays very emotional moments of vulnerability when asking the audience can they imagine if they lost a loved one – their mother, father, sister or brother – while they were locked up? How helpless would you feel, how sick knowing you couldn’t attend their funeral? This as he shares his family member’s tragic death while he was in between prison & a halfway house, & having to deal with the probation officer’s unrelenting, non compassionate demands in the midst of her death, viewing & funeral. The financial debts brought about by the hiring of lawyers left & right, case after case, involving the SEC & IRS, that fell unto his parents that Cole’s poor decisions as a teen caused, resulting in years of a bitter deteriorating relationship between father & son. The guilt of knowing his parent’s retirement is gone, forcing his mother to work full-time along with his father’s full-time employment, with no end in sight of ending by retirement age – everything they had worked for lost & gone because of their son. Years taken off his father’s life because of the stress & anger that brought illnesses upon him after the threat of the IRS auditing them as leverage against Cole’s waiver of any & all fines, taxes, & penalties they chose to assess on him for the $1.6 million that was signed over to the SEC.  The shame, public embarrassment, & gossip/rumors his parents & sisters had to endure & put up with for years afterward brought remorse & regret to Cole beyond words. A broken leg from prison that still won’t heal with a numb & tingling knee, reoccurring dreams about being in social settings & looking at his watch & realizing he has to rush back to prison in time for the stand up count, & the debt are all never ending as well….

Debt so large it deserves it’s own paragraph. With $450,000 of assessed taxes from the IRS claiming the fraudulent money was Cole’s “income”,  & with the original $1.3 million, over the years they have accumulated to $1.1 mil & $2.8 mil respectfully. Perhaps the biggest comedic moment of the entire presentation is when Cole displays a document from the Treasury Department that states Cole has 10 Days to pay $2.7 million & that he can enclose a check, money order, or his Visa/Mastercard information to pay off the debt! A large reaction from the crowd is heard, & the following slides from a Collection Agency, the IRS, & with compounding interest at the average rate it’s been going totaling $905 million of debt by the time Cole is 65 years old, drives home his final point & most lasting impression on the audience – that unless something drastic is done soon, Cole’s life is essentially ruined.  Somehow, despite all this, he makes light of his predicament as he pulls out a beat up Starbucks cup, sets it on the podium & jokes with a smile, “If you have any

A humrous moment with the starbucks cup…

spare change, I’m accepting it, maybe we can get these fines paid off this week.” He mentions  he only qualifies for sub-prime credit cards with $300 limits & a 79.99% APR, & prepaid debit cards. The fear of not being able to put any future home in his name because it would be seized with a lien, or his spouses name because it would STILL be seized under accusations of false pretense, conspiracy to deceive the government, evade paying their fine, etc leaves Cole with little to no hope for a future.

And so, the lessons of ethics, understanding “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”, making the right decisions, practicing good judgment, & being a morally sound person with integrity intact is what college & high school students have taken away from Cole’s all out, passion driven animated speech!

Handcuffed before Cal Poly Speech

High Schools & Colleges/Universities, & business organizations looking to schedule Cole to come speak to your students or audience, please contact