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A few testimonials to get an idea of what Cole’s audience comes away with from one of his speeches…



Hey Cole. It’s (name removed). I spoke to you outside after the meeting today and just wanted to add some comments that I forgot about. When you first started speaking about how you were imprisioned, you spoke of it like it was something in the distant past. I thought it was going to be a speech about someone messing up in the past and recovering from it years later. When i you us that you just got off parole and were released at the end of september i was really surprised. I was surprised and shocked because you spoke so optimistically even with the burden you carry. From your speech, I can tell that you are still fighting for a future and still have goals. That’s real strength right there. Props to you, because i’m sure many people in your position with the burden of debt on your shoulders would just give up. They can teach business to students, but they cant teach desire and passion to succeed. I’m sure the asian dude was right when he looked at your face and saw that you would be successful. Keep on fighting my friend!

Dr. Jasso had Cole speak right after prison – unshaved beard & all…

Dr. Jasso & Cole all cleaned up & ready for his first speaking engagements at UC Riverside thanks to Dr. J believing in him

Apparently we both pretty much came up with the same quote… out of sight, out of mind. So I guess just by that, I’m not too bad of a person! :) Your story was seriously amazing. I’m glad Dr. Jasso included your brief speech into our last lecture… it definitely gave us all something real and meaningful to leave with. I hope everything works out with your future plans… and I really hope you do continue to play baseball! Even just for recreation… It’s in your blood!

I was there and it was the best presentation I’ve seen since joining CPSA. I will definitely keep a look out for the book. Thank you for coming to Cal Poly!

Legit presentation. What you have done in your life is truly incredible. In highschool, I was content just playin video games. What I take from your presentation is the motivation to try to do something amazing with my life.

I just wanted to stop by & say that i really enjoyed your presentation in Bus 109. It was truly inspiring and I’m glad to see that you’re back on your feet running. I look forward to hearing about your new accomplishments in the near future, and i wish you the best.

hi cole, i really liked your speech in 102 last friday. very inspiring and motivating. thank you for sharing your story and i wish you the best!

Very informative and an eye opener. That’d be nice and I hope all the issues surrounding your situation are resolved soon!

cole that was a good ass presentation you gave friday. was good meeting you. stay strong like jasso says; you’re obviously a very smart guy, nobody can take that away

Hi Cole, last Thursday you spoke to us students in BUS109. Your life story was touching and offered a candid look inside the world behind bars and how the local/federal systems supports it with its many inefficiencies and cracks. Your natural talent for public speaking positions you well for leadership roles possibly… even in Law or Marketing. Glad u chose to return to school. Thank you for sharing your story with the world – it has gotten many students talking about it which is a good start for sure! I hope corporate america will have the pleasure of hearing it too! All the best!

Speaking with students after a UC Riverside presentation

Hi Cole! Dr. Jasso talked about you during BUS109 lecture today and reminded us about how brilliant you are and your potential to make a lot of money given the right resources! Your position on not asking for donations makes good sense and I… am sure if someone feels inclined to contribute to your efforts they will approach you themselves.

I really enjoyed hearing your story on Friday. Keep pushing forward and good luck with everything.

hey cole thanks for speaking to our 107 class, i really liked how you talked about judgment and finding $10,000 on the ground, it really made me think. good luck!

I too was at the presentation at Cal Poly today. I think one of the best parts of your speech was when you talked about how it is affecting you now. You brought to light that even though you did your time you will continue to be affected by your actions for the rest of your life. (The SEC and IRS) That should be a good point that will keep people from making the same kind of bad decision. Great speech!

Today I realized that I need to turn life around and go back on the right track. Thanks Cole Bartiromo ! :)