New proof of point shaving corruption in NCAA Basketball – Arizona State vs UCLA – January 12, 2014 Game


Conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day with this one. It seems like no one was awake to see it, & ESPN announcers are certainly going to ignore it as it is happening, & SportsCenter / afterwards aren’t going to undermine the authenticity of the entire industry on what they report on. It’s their livelihood to cover it up. So here you go, a & soon to be, exclusive.

I was in Vegas & holding a 3 game parlay that was about to cash me out $1,400. Redwings/Ducks was a 1-0 final, & Florida State had won, so it was down to the late UCLA game.

IMG_00003547 IMG_00003551 

I just needed UCLA to win. As you can see, they were heavy favorites, & the over/under was 158.5 points for the game. That’s 158 ½  points.


With 2 minutes left in the Arizona State vs UCLA game on January 12, 2014, I watched what can be described as the most egregious example of point shaving corruption I have ever seen.

Down 11, Arizona State calls a timeout & fouls. OK fine, don’t give up. Yet.

6 more UCLA free throws later, UCLA is up 13 & there are only 26 seconds left!

It is UCLA’s ball, & Arizona State has called another timeout!

At this point, I am saying out loud, WTF is going on, why won’t this game end already so I can cash my $1,400 & call it a night! I look up at the big board & see that the Over/Under is 158.5 total points scored in the game, & right now it was sitting at 157 points! No wonder the last minute was taking forever, all of these fouls to put UCLA at the line to push this thing OVER 158.5 points! But with 26 seconds left, UCLA up 13 & with the ball, they could just run out the clock, so there seemed no way Arizona State would foul yet again, right!? I mean, there is obvious, & then there is just “blatant egregious brazen shove it in your face gamblers, we are rigging this shit” point shaving.

IMG_00003542 IMG_00003545

The camera pans in on Arizona State coach, & his look says it all. You know there is going to be another foul.  Did Vegas just call him & say have your players foul again!? Or was Arizona State player Jermaine Marshall in deep working with some Russians on this one?

Too bad my phone had died, or the video cam would have been filming it to document the rigged finish that we were on the edge of our seat, anticipating & yet saying NO WAY…

AND THEN IT HAPPENED – Arizona State actually DID foul UCLA again immediately with 24 seconds left! Are you fucking kidding me!?!? My cousin & I are looking around the empty sportsbook at 9:30pm pacific & wondering if we were the only 2 people in the world realizing what we were witnessing!

The 2 free throws put UCLA up 15, & more importantly, put the game OVER 158.5


Arizona State fouled immediately (within 2 seconds), proving it was intentional just in case UCLA had missed 1 of those last 2 free throws, so they would have either needed to shoot & score quickly, because if they missed too, then Arizona State would have fouled UCLA yet again, probably with 1 second left! Whatever it took, they would have done.

RiggedUCLAendingThe footage is clear: It was a determined effort by Arizona State to continue fouling UCLA in those final 2 minutes of the game until the total score went over 158 ½.  It became abundantly obvious that they would stop at nothing to continue fouling, as evident by their foul with 24 seconds remaining & down 13.

Any other non-rigged game with the visitor down 13 points with 24 seconds to go would have just let UCLA run out the clock & get the hell off the court & heal your wounds from the beat down, but not Arizona State. They stayed on that court fouling until their job of putting the game Over 158.5 points was in the books.

UPDATE: 2/5/2014 After much digging & contacting UCLA administrators, ESPN, & posting on Craigslist for someone who still had the game TIVO’d, we are proud to have grabbed a copy to bring you the final dragged out 2 minutes for you to watch yourself!

If only they knew what we were doing with it…..

I’m sure these universities & or mentioned players will be threatening a lawsuit now, but the proof is in the pudding so bring it on. This is worthy of a front page exclusive, where we challenge anyone to try & intimidate us with a threat. You will have to kill us to silence us.

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4 Responses to New proof of point shaving corruption in NCAA Basketball – Arizona State vs UCLA – January 12, 2014 Game

  1. Tyler says:

    i seen something odd in a bulls game tonight and they even showed it in slow motion as a player was driving he got knocked over shooting and the ref waited to see if it went in or not to call the foul very late when it did not go in. 02/28/14 bulls/mavs game the commentators even acknowledge it and show it in slow motion…fishy

  2. artie g says:

    the line opened 153 and was bet up to 159 at most spots in vegas,so your theory doesnt hold water

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