Platinum Membership

Clients in the Platinum Club will receive at least 15 sports picks per month & they will win at least 80% of the time. Therefore a 12-3 record or better is what you can expect every single month & a 144-36 record or better is what you can expect for the year. Each of the picks will win you anywhere from 50% to 150% profit on your investment on that game, so a 100% return on average per pick. There will be the occasional recommended 2 game parlay, but not often. I expect you to be investing at least five figures on each pick – if not six figures – because you are getting only my very best & very selective, premium, disciplined picks that are made with the utmost patience & deliberation while continuously staying informed, up-to-date, & enmeshed in every aspect of the sports world for hours upon hours every single day of the year so that I am always well equipped to give you the next quality pick once it presents itself.


Unlike the other memberships, you can call or text the above premium phone number anytime, 24/7 365 days a year with any sports betting needs. It was bought for over $10,000 – just for you. Why not add some ancient cultural good luck with triple prosperity between us. In my opinion, it is THE BEST cell phone number in existence. Love those 3′s & 8′s – my favorite numbers! Maybe your in Vegas & you want some extra action on the side as you wait impatiently for my next pick to make you more money so you text me, “Hey Cole, who do you like in the Celtics/Lakers game & also the Giants/Dodgers game.” I’ll remind you that I didn’t like them enough to make them one of my exclusive 15 promised premium picks to you for the month, but if your forcing me to make an off the record pick, then unless I absolutely hate the game & refuse to be your accomplice in being so reckless, I’ll say sure, go with such & such! My 2nd & 3rd level picks are still better then 99% of professionals out there so your asking the right guy. The other memberships are getting these other picks, but your holding me to an 80% accuracy so with the Platinum membership we have to have some very disciplined structure. There is a direct correlation to the less picks made is the fewest forced errors which results in the highest winning percentage possible. You’ll notice the declining scale of accuracy between the Gold, Silver & Bronze memberships as I am “forced” to pick more games each day.

Unlike the other memberships, your picks come with complete instructions according to your bankroll. If we discuss that you will be wagering $100,000 into each pick, then I fully expect you to average at least a $900,000 profit each month. (12 wins per month averaging a 100% return on each pick equals $1,200,000 minus the 3 losses @ $100,000 each nets you $900,000). Ultimately, it is at your discretion whether you take my tailor made advice with each pick & bet the recommended proportions because whether you made half a million or ten million at the end of the year makes no difference in impacting the upfront fee of $200,000 for your annual membership. I want you back for the following year & we will document each of the picks & the instructions for those picks.

Playing Devil’s Advocate consider this example: a rare day where I have 3 picks for you, stating to bet $75,000 (or 75% of your daily bankroll) on a straight bet involving TEAM A, & betting $25,000 (or 25% of your daily bankroll) on a 2 game parlay involving TEAM B & TEAM C). Now I could have a horrible day (by my standards) & be wrong about TEAM B & TEAM C as they both LOSE, so you lost that $25,000 (even if only 1 of those 2 teams lose), BUT TEAM A wins & so your $75,000 investment on that team nets you maybe $50,000 for the day DESPITE a 1-2 record & those facts are what will be documented in our file. HOWEVER, if you did not play the picks AS I packaged them for you, & instead you put $25,000 on the straight bet involving TEAM A & $75,000 on the 2 game parlay involving TEAM B & TEAM C, then your membership file will not reflect the net loss for the day – it will show what picks & instructions were released to you for the day, which was a net gain of 50% of your set, but flexible-if-noted, daily bank roll.

As a Platinum client, each day you will also be sent the DSD Parlay of the Day which is normally a $2,000 annual fee. You can disregard it if you want, but most of my clients in the other memberships love this feature where they can hope to get to the Platinum level with one of my classic humongous double digit parlay hits for six figures.

Email to sign up & to arrange payment.