The Murder of Skylar Neese – & the explosive details of the 16 Year Old KILLER’S Rachel Shoaf & SHELIA EDDY




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Catch up on the Skylar Neese murder story:

All media outlets are protecting the 2nd killer’s identity. Except us…

Victim Skylar Neese

Victim Skylar Neese

While all established big shot media news outlets are choosing to let one of the killers of 16 year old Skylar Neese remain a mysterious unidentified girl, we couldn’t care less about protecting her identify, & therefore shall expose the cruel evil spawn of Satan right here right now.

This is a tale of defiant & brazen high school teens – seemingly ripped straight out of the show Pretty Little Liars. An underlying theme of adults wanting to be their child’s negligent friend instead of their responsible parent. Of celebrated drug use within the nation’s largest college party town. A tale of how social media allows these already aimlessly roaming guide-less filled youth to be even more reckless, disrespectful, & out of touch with reality – out of sight out of mind – in pretending like IT never happened & to carry on acting normal. Somewhere along the way, Morgantown lost its moral compass in becoming conducive breeding grounds for trouble – because as many locals told me – it wasn’t always like this.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Skylar Neese was lured out of her room on the night of July 6, 2012 by her 2 best friends. They drove her to this rural area called Eddy Run Road into Pennsylvania about 30 minutes away from their Morgantown, West Virginia homes.  Once at their planned grave site for their best friend, they stabbed Skylar to death, tossed her body on the side of the road, & when they failed to dig her grave & bury her, just covered her body with branches & left her here.

Killer #1 Rachel Shoaf

Killer #1 Rachel Shoaf

skylar-earl-neeseThe next day, Skylar’s mother Mary Earl Neese knew something was wrong & took to facebook. Because of the usual incompetency with authorities, they did not take Skylar’s disappearance seriously since she had climbed out of her bedroom window to get in the car of her two best friends, so an Amber Alert wasn’t issued. Authorities pegged Skylar a runaway. Additionally, because the body was dumped in this NO Trespassing area of back roads, her body was not found & Skylar was a missing person’s case for the remainder of 2012 with no big search party ever assembling.  By the end of the year, Skylar’s mother Mary put it all on the table in this long impassioned plea to the public.  The break in the case came as 16 year old Rachel Shoaf was admitted into Chestnut Ridge psychiatric hospital at the end of the year, undoubtedly being haunted with the guilty conscious of what she had done to her best friend, aided by months of relentless taunting & mocking harassment from the locals of Morgantown who knew that she was one of the killers while the authorities were still “investigating”.

Killer #1 Rachel Shoaf

Killer #1 Rachel Shoaf


Killer #1 Rachel Shoaf

The combination of this, along with knowing that the jig was up as authorities were continuing to close in based on the surveillance video & other evidence they had placing Skylar in the company of her 2 friends the night she disappeared, brought her confession to killing Skylar on January 3rd. She then led authorities to Skylar’s body on January 16th, & because of 6 months of the body decomposing in the wilderness, it took until March 13th to officially identify & announce that the body found was indeed Skylar Neese.

In Rachel’s confession, she revealed a second girl not only helped in the murder, but was the mastermind & that they killed Skylar simply because they did not want to be friends with her anymore. Say whaaa!? This 2nd girls name is not being revealed by the media because she is a juvenile & she has not been charged as an adult yet, but it is not going to stop us from identifying her. You got 2 near legal adult girls who ruthlessly plan to murder their friend, stab her to death up to 50 times, slit her throat near decapitation, & toss her body on the side of the road. Then they lie to the FBI for nearly a year until one killer cracks & confesses Jan 3 under mounting pressure by the authorities & the locals, but then is allowed to stay free along with the second killer for 4 more months! Yes, roam 100% free! Keep reading!

Killer #1 Rachel Hoath

Killer #1 Rachel Shoaf

Due to Rachel’s cooperation in coming forward, admitting guilt, & giving up her friend/lover (we will get to this later), she now only faces up to 40 years in prison, but the plea deal she reached  allowed her to plead guilty to 2nd degree murder & calls for the judge to give her a 20 year sentence.  This isn’t a rachelshoafcase of complexities – they killed simply because they did not want to be friends anymore, or whatever other trivial nonsense  may come to light about meaningless relationship or twitter feuds among the high schooler’s. This would be a 1 day trial & void of mitigating circumstances. Their lack of motive or so called reason, coupled with the fact that they killed a young girl PERIOD is enough to make me want to give them the death penalty – & I’m not even a fan of the death penalty.

The unidentified & currently still protected by the media 2nd killer & mastermind leader of Skylar’s murder is 16 year old Shelia Eddy

image_1 (1)222 IMG_8437sheliabong

Aside from the locals of Morgantown, WV who have been playing IMG_5488detectives for months – you heard it here first! It’s a shame bigger news outlets are afraid of sue happy parents of minors, but we are not, especially not the disgraced embarrassed Shoaf’s & Eddy’s. Recall that we wrote above that Skylar’s body was found on Eddy Run Road? That’s not a coincidence –  Shelia’s divorced father Greg Eddy lives in a trailer on farmland that his ancestors own, & the road is named after them.

photo 1 skylarshelia image_1 (5) image_2 (1) IMG_8435 image_1 (3) image_1 (4) IMG_8432 image_3 (1) image_2 (2) killersandskylar image_1 (2) image_1 image_4 (1) image_3 image_3 (2) image_5 (1) image_5 (2) skylarrachel Friend Hayden McClead with Skylar & Killer  killers with skylar in distancenewpics     note

What would possess these 2 girls to stab Skylar to death? Luckily for us, we can go inside the mind of the main wicked little girl. Her twitter provides a glimpse of her inner thoughts as we browse her 4,000+ tweets.

July 8, 2012, just 2 days after murdering Skylar, she STILL can’t sleep:


On October 2, 2012, almost 3 months later, she put on quite the fake act:


On November 5th, 2012, with rising heat from authorities & relentless locals:


On January 13, 2013 she wants things to go back to normal:


On Feb 13, 2013 she loves being 1 step ahead & making someone not exist


The day Skylar’s body was identified on March 13, 2013, more repulsion:


& just a few days before she’s taken into custody on May 1st her final tweets:


cousinSkylar’s cousin has been sounding off against Shelia Eddy’s twitter, even though Shelia hasn’t tweeted since April 30th because she is in custody, & probably will never tweet again. Not because she won’t ever get out of prison because I am sure she will, but because Twitter, like all fad novelty websites, will eventually fade away

Bully_(2001)Is this a modern day story of the 2001 movie BULLY gone bad? Privileged kids, a sense of entitlement, too much free time on their hands, & drugs? Seems there are those similarities in the least, but there is no bullying aspect to suggest any more to this case then what is on the surface: Skylar was murdered because bully (1)the 2 killers did not want to be her friend anymore. Doesn’t there have to be a motive better then that? A bully or stolen boyfriend/jealousy aspect? Or does a drug induced motive suffice to kill people these days? All appalling reasons, but give me something to lessen this from horrifying evil to just evil! I mean, sure, browsing Skylar Neese’s twitter of 2,000+ tweets about being high & cat fight feuds will annoy the heck out of you (like this one, which she ended up being deadly wrong about, ‘maybe if she wasn’t high she would have seen what was coming or strong enough to fight or escape?’ Or like this one, which showcases the superficial HS drama that consumed her just as much as any of them), & may cast her in at least a 5% less of an angelic light then the impression articles & news clips will have you draw of her, but that’s usually the case with any deceased person – casting someone in their best light. It’s still hard to imagine that at worst, Skylar was any more then a stoner who had the typical High School spats & stabbings in the back over relationships & cheating, & whom most certainly did NOT deserve to die by literally being stabbed in the back by her friends.

Skylar seemed to be on to something as she tweeted these on July 5, 2012 & July 6, 2012 – the day before she was murdered. Who was she talking about, Rachel or Shelia?


The Lesbian Triangle Love Affair Motive

*June 3, 2013 UPDATE* Bully motive? No. Scorned ex gf or cheating motive? No. Upon further investigation, we have now learned from our sources within Morgantown that Shelia & Skylar were best friends since 2nd grade, & that Rachel was getting jealous of this friendship, why? Because Shelia & Rachel were in a lesbian relationship & they were getting obsessed with each other, so Shelia decided that Skylar was getting in the way of their lesbian affair. In fact, this was a love triangle involving threesomes with the two killers Shelia & Rachel & Shelia’s other best friend – Shania Ammons…

shania sheliaandshania image_4 (2) shaniabitingbreast

This third girl Shania Ammons, who was in love with Shelia – is without question the most intimidating & violent sounding of the group. Just take one look at a handful of her year long of threats where she wishes death upon anyone & everyone - to get a sense as to where the idea to kill one of their own helped influence Shelia & Rachel. She was supposedly a best friend of Skylar Neeese’ too, & to this day puts out contrived & manipulated statements about how much she loves Skylar & is doing things in her memory, yet at the same time then contradicts all of that by telling Mary & Dave Neese how “bad of parents” they were to Skylar.  Not that her love for people means anything – she loves Nicki Minaj even more then Skylar, & wants to see Ms. “Minaj beat the shit out of someone.  We have a source that has stated Shania wanted to see Shelia beat up victim Skylar last year. Connecting the dots, why Shania “would love to see Nicki Minaj beat the shit out of someone“, must be for pure sexual gratification since Shania is a bisexual woman who was in a lesbian relationship with Shelia. So the fact that Shania loves Nicki Minaj on an “unreal” level, & wants to see Nicki Minaj beat the shit out of someone makes it very credible that indeed Shania wanted to see Shelia beat the shit out of Skylar, since Shania loves Shelia & had a lesbian relationship with her. Yes, we know, a lot of S names there, but we have a smart audience. Maybe calling them Skylar, Scandalous #1 & Scandalous #2 would be less tongue tying. To this day, despite a dead former friend & intense investigations surrounding her, there appears not to be a shred of maturity or growing up in Shania Ammons as not only does she continue to be vocal & public on social media, but 100% of the incriminating garbage she spews are one of only three things; 1) her obsession (like the other killers too) with prettylittleliarsPretty Little Liars (a show whose plot is identical to this Skylar Neese saga), 2) being a self confessed “bitch” & cussing out anyone & everyone, & 3) flaunting her constant state of being high as an underage drug user with no fear of repercussions from any adult. You would think she would get off the internet while this murder investigation continues, but seeing two of her friends already bite the dust doesn’t seem to phase her. This just goes with the whole theme that these defiant little devils just never learn, even when they see it happening right in front of them, they don’t see it coming like deer in the headlights. She’s stated that if she was guilty she would have been arrested already, but maybe she needs a crash course in the statue of limitations for MURDER – NEVER. Seeing how slow these authorities have worked this case, they seem under no concern for safety to let killers mingle with citizens, so Shania, if guilty of even just obstruction of justice, shouldn’t expect her arrest for years at this rate. Maybe she won’t rethink threatening death on people & sharing her whole love for Pretty Little Liars until after those handcuffs lock against her wrists. Then she can hear plenty of cussing & seeing plenty of woman “beat the shit” out of each other in prison as her social media comes to life to haunt her forever! If you missed what we did there with those links, here’s Shania’s mouth/fingers at her finest again! (1234, 5) What role Shania Ammons played, either before or after, through involvement (as an accomplice to murder – beach alibi or not you do not need to be present to be charged with murder) or knowledge (in the cover up (tampering with evidence) or lying to protect her killer friends (obstruction of justice), is yet to be determined, but her continued support for the current killer list & recently trying to lie for Shelia over & over again are not going to help her cause at all, as her mouth & fingers have become her own worst enemy, but this very cultural conditioning in a college town such as Morgantown allows these teens to think they can get away with murder.

As for confessed killer Rachel Shoaf, she had a longtime boyfriend whose name is Mikinzy C. Boggs that goes to West Virginia University. She was afraid that he would find out about her lesbian love interest with Shelia, and him being 2 years older & a college guy who is also in a band & studying law – she did not want to lose him. It would appear motive enough for Rachel to take the reins by the horn & orchestrate the murder of her friend Skylar, but it was Shelia who had the natural ability to mastermind this, & had ice in her veins. She was the one who never cracked & who will now be charged with first degree murder. She was the one who always gave everyone a bitchy look. Rachel’s 9 years of catholic school, a mom serving communion at church every week, along with church camps & this Young Life Christian Club where she was continually lying & denying to her fellow youth leaders/friends finally took its toll on an already passive follower who went along with what her secret lover Shelia chose for them. Take a look at Rachel & her boyfriend, what a cute innocent looking couple wouldn’t you say? ALL pictures were snapped from September 2012 through December 2012 – can you see even a hint of guilt, remorse, or Skylar’s haunting memory in Rachel’s eyes?

image_5 (1) 6123_10152360538675076_867302201_n image_2 (1) image_4 (4) image_3 (2) image_5 (3) image_2 image_4 (3) image_4 image_2 (3) image_5 image_5 (2) image_4 image_3 image_3 (4) image_3 (3) image_2 (5) image_2 (4) image_2 (2) image_1 image_1 (5) image_1 (4) image_1 (2) 59471_10152195764710076_1560108955_n 36302_10152222342380076_845965447_n 14215_10152195763135076_1647784517_n 14196_10152195762605076_110454415_n image_12

Such a shame this wholesome looking couple went to the wasteside. In the end, Rachel lost Mikinzy when her world started falling apart, both from the inside & out. With the authorities continuing to close in & mount the pressure on Morgantown, her inner demons were driving her to mental breakdown which led to her stay in the psych ward. Her confession on January 3rd would do more then clear her conscious & make her feel like she washed her hands clean with a new outlook on life & path for the future, but it would pave the way for a dramatic chain of events. The further incompetency of authorities would not go unnoticed to the shocked & disturbed community of Morgantown! Not even in hindsight mind you, but in real time as the investigation was unfolding the town was realizing, month after month, that the fact of the matter was that 2 killers were being allowed to roam free, smoking their weed & cruising around town, checking in at school just to take tests, leaving & being free as birds to interact with anyone & everyone for the last 4 months despite knowing who they were & what they had done to Skylar! Regardless of what authorities will say, this was not an ongoing investigation, it wasn’t “Lets keep a drug dealer on the streets so he can lead us to the kingpin“. This was 2 simplistic idiotic & very evil high school killers being allowed to remain free & interact with other students despite having killed a student already, from the day Rachel confessed on January 3rd until Shelia’s arrest on May 1st! It was determined that Rachel would remain free in order to interact with Shelia & set her up in conversations online & with wires. Both killers continued to show up to school to take tests, & Rachel was enjoying her retirement from having to attend class, & just show up for tests as evident from her inappropriate post here about her assistant principal.

image_17In the final days before Rachel would self-surrender on May 1st, her mom Patricia Shoaf took her on a beach trip as a goodbye, bonding & growing up of sorts between mother & daughter as they drank & smoked together. No word if the divorced father, Rusty Shoaf went as well. (yes, both killer’s lived in broken homes, shake my head) The screenshots below are self-explanatory – all from the final few weeks of Rachel’s freedom in April 2013 ending in Rachel tweeting goodbye to the world. Rachel knew what was coming on May 1st, along with her family & her former boyfriend Mikinzy, but other then this no one knew what was coming next as she continued to lie & deny to the very last day to friends & her church group that anything was wrong or why she was missing school & that the rumors about her involvement in Skylar’s death were false….

image_6 image_7 image_8 image_10 image_11 image_9 image image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5

Rachel’s Cryptic Goodbye Tweets So As To Not Tip Off Shelia


One final sickening event in this saga – Prom with a Queen Killer


Alexis Eddy with victim Skylar & killer Shelia

So let’s meet the last players who made it possible for Shelia Eddy to get some great final memories to take with her to prison. While Rachel knew her days were numbered, Shelia did not. She was carrying on as the self absorbed psychopath that was oblivious to reality as usual. Shelia was in a dilemma because she no longer had a killing mate with Rachel having turned against her in January & subsequently having a falling out resulting in lessening time together in 2013 until ultimately eroding away completely. So Shelia spent more & more time hanging out with Shania Ammons, & her cousin Alexis Eddy, either grooming her to be a killer too or perhaps she was already one in the making, judging by this conversation where they don’t flinch at killing turtles. Shelia also started hanging out more with Raven Lester, who also had no gripes about associating with & thus showing her public support for a killer. Which is all the more puzzling given that at this point we are now 6+ months into widespread knowledge among the town that Shelia is a killer (& 4 months since Rachel confessed it & implicated Shelia to police). At least with Alexis Eddy we can look at the family link as an excuse for choosing to remain a supporter & friend, but what excuse does Raven Lester have? Here’s a compilation of Raven Lester, who reminds many people of Shelia in her looks, attitude, & demeanor, so you can try & get a sense of who she is & why she would do what she did next. In April of 2013, Raven invited Shelia to her prom in yet another lesbian undertone sort of way. Shelia said yes. What is below is perhaps the most blood boiling & outrageously sickening aspect of this case aside from the actual killing of Skylar.


Oh what a magical carefree time for the ice queen of Morgantown as she got to mingle her bloodstained hands among the crowds of other students on the dance floor….


Shelia is seen here grinding against Raven Lester’s matching blue colored prom date, who is no where to be found – in any of the 188 pictures from the North Marion HS website. Hmm…

What heaven it must have been for Shelia, who had already killed one student last summer, & was now being allowed to go to prom even though the locals & authorities had known since Fall of 2012 (& officially Jan 3rd with Rachel’s implicating confession) that she was a stone cold blooded premeditated calculating KILLER! Surely she felt on top of the world & like nothing could stop her, so why not take that experienced knife stabbing hand form of hers & turn it into a lovely shooter pose practice with this gun toting grip & kiss of death as if to secretly tell herself, “The Joke Is On All Of You, who should I kill next….”


Shelia was in oblivious denial & not believing the rumors about Rachel’s confession because she saw Rachel roaming freely & maybe to her own surprise, she too had remained free as a bird all this time, so despite relentless harassment from locals for six months, at some point she just dismissed them all as “haters” when their prophecies of their impending doom were never coming to fruition week after week after week as the authorities’ “investigation” dragged on at the expense & safety of Morgantown’s citizens – while Shelia continued her living life to the fullest as recklessly & dangerously as possible……


No one was safe with Shelia free, especially not turtles, as Shelia & Alexis were talking back & forth about killing turtles in April 2013. It seems apparent that the evil sickness of being capable of killing animals & progressing to humans runs in the family for the Eddy’s.

The Public Arrest of Shelia Eddy


Shelia was arrested in this parking lot

So when the events of May 1, 2013 happened, the town was shocked, & the revelation that  2 friends of Skylar’s had murdered her became national headlines. While Rachel Shoaf was self-surrendering (now that her agreed upon plea deal was official, ending her 4 extra month allowance of spared freedom & life that she did not give to Skylar), across town Shelia Eddy was out to lunch with her mom at Cracker Barrel, 2000 University Town Centre Drive, Granville, WV 26501. When news broke of Rachel’s confession & plea deal around 1pm on tv & in the restaurant, people were talking about the case & who the unidentified second killer was. The waitress stated Shelia’s mother quickly asked for the check despite not eating their food yet.  They ran out of the restaurant only to be surrounded by police.  (Hmm wonder how the mother knew what was happening, could it be because Skylar’s body was found on her families property!? & yet she  continued aiding & abetting her evil little daughter until the end). Shelia was arrested in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel because she had been under 24 hour surveillance since January 3rd’s confession by Rachel! To this day, the media STILL HAS NOT REPORTED THE NAME OF SHELIA EDDY!

It may take months or a few years more since the wheels of justice are going especially slow in this case, but the general consensus is that Shania Ammons will eventually be charged with one or more crimes (ranging from accessory to murder, to evidence tampering &/or obstruction of justice/hindering an investigation) , & that Eddy family members will face tampering with evidence/obstruction of justice charges. It remains to be seen whether or not Raven Lester’s continued support to associate with a killer means nothing more then she is just a fan of killers or that she had a role with the murder or cover-up to hinder the investigation. I hope that Shelia Eddy, who was the leader & mastermind of the murder, gets the death penalty, but that’s wishful thinking since anyone under 18 can never face the death penalty. She will however, most certainly get the book thrown at her since we are putting those responsible for carrying out justice ON BLAST, & hoping the bigger media outlets soon follow suit so maximum heat is on the court.

Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston & Sergeant , Star City of WV State Police Chief & Prosecuting Attorney Marcia Ashdown are all currently up for most to blame award for their botched & incompetent roles in handling the Skylar Neese Murder Case so far.....

Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston & Sergeant , Star City of WV State Police Chief & Prosecuting Attorney Marcia Ashdown are all currently up for most to blame award for their botched & incompetent roles in handling the Skylar Neese Murder Case so far…..

We all fully expect this evil witch to get first degree murder as it was PRE-MEDITATED MURDER. The killers reportedly counted to 3 before stabbing Skylar, & Shelia is so conditioned to being able to say & do anything on social media without consequence from adults that she apparently thought it wasn’t a bad idea to admit to it online here in April 2013 , & further backed in this article by the Dominion Post on May 16, 2013 describing details of the murder.

Now CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc, how about you & all of the other media outlets follow suit & stop protecting the identity of this evil monster. In the interim, we have updated Skylar’s wikipedia page to reflect that Shelia Eddy is her 2nd killer with reference to this report. How disgusting can it get, that Shelia would go on Team Skylar’s facebook & have the audacity to talk to Dave Neese, the victims father, pretending like she did not kill his daughter? The little filthy piece of trash scum with an obsession for Law & Order & wondering if they ever had an episode they couldn’t figure out, would have things like this to say to everyone in the final days before her arrest, & then for the proof in the pudding that shes the grim reaper’s right hand man & mastermind in this case, basically telling Rachel to suck it up & own her choice to tag along.” Even the biggest Jodi Arias haters on the planet which claim she has no remorse, would consider her an angel compared to the egregious garbage that this daughter of Satan spewed nonstop until the very end. She actually even downplays stabbing Skylar to death. As for Rachel, there is a superficial sense of atonement about her plight for ending up in a psych ward before confessing & cooperating, because every time I see these tweets from her where she is telling us to “move the fuck on because its JUST her past” tells me she still doesn’t grasp the magnitude of taking a human life – A YOUNG HUMAN LIFE – so I hope she gets the 40 year maximum the judge can still sentence her to despite the plea deal that calls for 20 years of outrageous injustice. Also when she confessed she was under the belief she was getting COMPLETE IMMUNITY, but once Skylar’s body was found to be just across state lines into Pennsylvania, & that Skylar was found nearly decapitated because her throat was slit once the many stab wounds did not kill her, their DA demanded  the deal pulled & a compromise with WV made or they were going to charge these killers themselves, so immunity was taken off the table & second degree murder was offered as a compromise.  It all kind of ruins the whole sense of atonement on Rachel’s part as she was serving her best interests, no matter how much guilt she was feeling or bombardment of harassment she was getting. Imagine that, Rachel went from thinking she was going to walk completely free for confessing to stabbing to death & nearly beheading Skylar, to likely getting 20 years, but possibly still 40 years when the judge sentences her. Hopefully Shelia is played into a confession & the deal pulled too, resulting in the death penalty somehow.

Bringing Change: Skylar’s Law & Hope for the Lost Moral Compass of Morgantown to Return

Typically when the nation is watching WV they’re tuned into the NCAA basketball tournament or a post football season bowl game where WVU is competing.  Now the nation is taking notice to the Skylar Neese case.

The stereotypes of WV exist. It’s known for disadvantaged poverty stricken areas, unemployment running rampant as the EPA puts more and more coal miners out of work, significant health problems and the prescription drug problem from Florida pain clinics has spread to southern WV.

However, Morgantown was one city in WV that was immune to the recession, continually growing and was consistently on the Forbes list for “Best Small Places For Business And Careers” and “America’s Top College Towns”. So what happened? How is that they’re making headlines for 2 teenagers killing their best friend? There seems to be lots of theories.

One theory starts with WVU consistently being voted the #1 party school in America. This is why morals are skewed here. This coupled with the prescription pill problem from Southern WV has traveled north.  West Virginia reported the ninth highest rate of prescription drug abuse in the nation among 18 to 25-year-olds, according to this recent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration survey. The amount of “rich kids” with prescription drug problems is out of control. High school students want to party like they’re in college and parents have “Peter Pan” syndrome and never want to grow up. The whole community is trying to keep up with the college kids. Hence parents hosting underage drinking parties and very permissive with drugs. Our villains of this story had those type of parents, & broken homes made it all that much easier for Rachel & Shelia to be a part of the teenage drug culture here. They thought they were invincible & therefore flaunted their drug use on social media. They were proud to be “partying like rock stars” at 16. They had been able to do what they wanted, when they wanted, for so long they thought they could get away with murder.  I spoke with one local whose son played sports in HS, was popular & good looking, but when his best friend organized a large after prom party, it was apparently only for drug users so this boy was left out since he didn’t do drugs. I’ve heard this a lot about getting outcast for not embracing being an out of control drug using party-er because being such is embraced & celebrated in Morgantown.  A lot of locals are sick of the ruthless teens that post whatever illegal or reckless activities they want online with no repercussions, & they are sick of law enforcement doing nothing either.  Rachel was constantly telling people on twitter to come to Young Life Christian club – & in the same breath asking who wants to smoke weed & drink & get high & drunk!? Imagine the culture ingrained in these teens heads to give them the power to openly flaunt that! It starts with the adults, & when this case started blowing up around town in January, NO ONE in the University High administration did anything to prevent these killers from having access to the other students because they continued to ignore what they had done. Even murder.

Barney-Fife don-knotts_lg griffith tumblr_m7iuir9IAD1qatweko1_500

Another theory is that Morgantown still has their small city America mindset and they’re not equipped to deal the demands of a fast growing city. One of the more notable residents of Morgantown, WV was the actor, Don Knotts . Don Knotts was best known for his role as Deputy Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show. Don Knotts was right at home in Mayberry because it was a small town where everybody knows your name, very similar to Morgantown, WV. Unfortunately Morgantown has drastically changed and the police force hasn’t quite caught up. The “Barney Fife” friendly bumbling cops were not equipped to deal with a case of this nature. They were too naive and thought Skylar was a runaway because she climbed out her window to a waiting car. They didn’t consider she had possibly done this before and had full intention of returning. They definitely didn’t suspect her friends of anything more than giving her a ride somewhere and lying about. Therefore no Amber Alert was issued and the focus was initially not on the car she left in.

barney-fife-o tumblr_ltb6ddDIFJ1qgqj2zo1_400 tumblr_m6mfd7fzNe1qh0qluo1_500 donknotts

One legacy Skylar Neese will leave behind is Skylar’s Law. It expands the state of WV’s Amber Alert system to include any child who has disappeared and is believed to be in danger. Skylar’s parents hope to expand it nationwide.

There are still good moral, ethical people people in Morgantown, WV willing to help their neighbor & very friendly, but for some reason parents would rather be friends with their kids than authority figures so the right thing to do is becoming the minority since its hard for kids to gravitate towards this especially when their elders are not leading the way, & you are labeled a nerd if you do not join in. For the parents who do act responsible & have kids that are focused on their future, it is hard to find good friends who are not a bad influence.

Morgantown citizens are proud and do not want this case to define who they are.  One can expect the residents to take their town back and turn things around. Multiple efforts, both public and private must happen for Morgantown to make the changes that need to be made.  First and foremost everyone is now more aware of what is going on with their teen population.


On the set of Girl Meets World, premiering at end of 2013!

You live & learn, & things come & go full circle. Like the local purists fighting to get their town back, Skylar loved the classic 1990′s show Boy Meets World, & at the end of this year, the spin off Girl Meets World, which stars Cory & Topanga reprising their roles, will premiere on tv! I’m sure that wherever Skylar is, she will be enjoying the show & seeing our world from a better place then the one that betrayed her at the hands of her own best friends.


If you can’t get enough of these characters, here’s some raw deleted notes that were typed about Skylar, Shania, Shelia & Rachel from interviews with sources that just didn’t make it into the story.

*June 8, 2013 UPDATE* The Globe & Dateline NBC have both contacted us with interest to also report on the Skylar Neese murder. We can only hope they choose to reveal the killer’s identities to their millions of audience viewers. 

*June 14, 2013 UPDATE* Police Chief of Morgantown hears about this report. The heat is on the authorities now to bring justice to Skylar & life in prison to Shelia!!!

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166 Responses to The Murder of Skylar Neese – & the explosive details of the 16 Year Old KILLER’S Rachel Shoaf & SHELIA EDDY

  1. Jason says:

    So much information on this website. This really gives you a deeper look into the background of the story, compared to the surface scratching of the big news stations. Nice job compiling all of this information.

  2. Observer says:

    “You heard it here first, & only here”

    Actually, those of us following the case here have known about her for at least a month.

    And her name is Shelia, not Sheila

    • colebart says:

      Please show me any outlet that has this. No where :) Sure you locals had it first, you were enmeshed in the midst of killers roaming freely, but that does us web surfers no good to try & read 400 pages of discombobulated posts on some archaic message board. Wonder why the mainstream media is just now hearing about the full story? They were never going to hear about it until someone like us took it upon ourselves to gather & organize the information into this presentable format.

      • Mason says:

        Good stuff, except a few things. The body was found on Morris Run road, over the hill from Eddy’s Run road and Eddy’s Run has been named Eddys run for over a hundred years, so not named after her dad who lives in a trailer on his grandmother’s property.

        • colebart says:

          The road is named after the Eddy family that has lived in that area for years. Not necessarily Shelia’s father but his family. The body was located off Eddy Run Road which is accurate. Morris Run Road and Eddy Run Road connect together and the body was somewhere between the two.

  3. Jacob says:

    So in depth, saved me the trouble of reading their twitters out of curiosity. Thnx!

  4. Canal says:

    You certainly didn’t have this info first.. Most places haven’t posted due to the fact she is a juvenile and legally cannot be until she is waived to adult status. It may have been a poor choice for you to do so. Further, some if your info is wrong, least of all her nam being Shelia not Sheila. Do some more research. Also, a person in the US CANNOT be put to death for a crime they committed under the age of 18 even if they are waived to adult court for that time. Yes, they are going to recommend Shoaf get 20 years per the plea agreement but the judge doesn’t have to do it – she could get up to 40 years for her 2nd degree charge.

    • colebart says:

      My point is that its disgusting they allowed her to plead guilty to 2nd degree murder. It’s premeditated first degree. Thanks for the pointers, made the corrections.

  5. Joe says:

    Very honest site. I have no connection to anyone involved; I’m just horrified like everyone else and came here looking for answers. Thank you for the information.

  6. um says:

    you can not have a “exclusive” as you was not sold the “rights” of this story and I find it sad how you seem to be “proud” and “excited” to post all of this information. This is a heart breaking story there is nothing and I mean nothing exciting or “exclusive” about this story. You posted this simply to get people to read your blog , there is other way’s to get attention then posting about this poor child’s death. IMO JMO

    • Joe says:

      Perhaps part of Cole’s motivation is to get blog readership, and he is succeeding. But I believe, from reading his blog entry, that a large part is the outrage that these two murderers were allowed four months of freedom even after police had learned what had happened. The fact that one is charged with only second degree murder and the other is only being charged as a juvenile adds to the outrage. Something is very wrong with the way the prosecutor is handling this case, and the information that reveals this is only on this site. I think Cole has done a good job reporting this—his story rings true. And I am outraged as well.

  7. hm says:

    The biggest flaw here is that, yes we all probably wish they would both get the death penalty, however, WV does not have the DP. What I wonder is if it were possible for them to be tried in PA since that is where the murder occurred?

  8. Cindy says:

    I agree!!! There are more people that are up to their necks involved on this cover up!!!

    I am shocked that you have placed pictures and names of juveniles! BUT It is your constitutional right!

    • colebart says:

      Yep Cindy, welcome to – we will do what the mainstream media outlets won’t. We will not protect killers identities, underage or not.

      • Rebecca Nutter says:

        Im glad you did , Ive learned more here ,than on any other media form . I’m saddened , and repulsed by the events that have happened , I do not think the guilty should be protected by the media or the law for what they have done . I feel anyone who has tried to to suppress or hide their guilt is just as guilty . Who is there to speak for Skyler now but for the media , family and the law , her voice has been forever taken from her . The biggest crime yet remains to be seen if compromises and immunities are granted to those who are guilty .

    • 2cents says:

      sucks for the juvy killers doesn’t it? THEY posted the pics of themselves on the WWW. the internet is forever people and once you put yourself out there…you’re fair game. dumbasses deserve to be put on blast. they murdered a girl. who gives a crap whether or not their identities are revealed?! hell…trayvon martin is under more scrutiny than these *itches and all he did was get killed.

  9. Unbelievable says:

    I live in TX and had never heard this story until I saw Mr.Neeses interview just yesterday. I’m truly heartbroken for their family, friends and this community! Everyday I wonder what has happened to this generation but when I read some of the actions of the adults I realize that many have failed. What darkness must lurk in the hearts of 2 teenagers that could KILL someone they’d spent their lives with? Then to be so diabolical to help with searches and leave messages to Skylars Dad? These kids have absolutely NO idea what they’re in for….even in juvenile. And how in the hell does a person that has confessed to murder NOT immediately get read her rights and booked? Hell she even got to go on a bon voyage trip with Mommy and was that child smoking a bong in that pic? God help me today what must it feel like to know you’ve raised a murderer! I’m 50 years old and I’ve NEVER tried to be my children’s friend! Drinking, smoking, cursing with my kids? HELL NO! I’ve never done those things in front of my parents and I’m 50!!! I’ve read on other websites that supposedly there’s ALOT of drinking and drugging at different “party houses” and it’s supplied by several of the parents….I sure hope that there will be some adults also being cuffed and brought up on charges for providing alcohol and drugs to underage kids!

    This tragedy is exactly like the lifetime movie “Murder among friends” starring Patty Duke 1992. 3 best friends~2 murder the other girl, hide her body in a creek weighed down with a log, helped with the search, one finally confessed and made a deal and the other was finally arrested…….unfortunately it was based on a true story!

    Thank you for being so thorough in covering this story and giving voice and truth to Skylar!

    I hope you’re peacefully at rest Skylar????

  10. HCitC says:

    You got nearly all of this information from topic forums and you take full credit for it? Interesting. Well, I guess someone had to put it all together for the news agencies to notice it now! Good job!

    • colebart says:

      Actually I never went to that topics board for information. I have inside informants within Morgantown that shared their months of detective work with me. Indeed I take full credit for compiling, sorting & organizing this story in the manner I have done, since no one else wanted to bother with the project of exposing the killers in a presentable format – I HAVE! It’s called investigative reporting & now the big boys are knocking on my door for the content, hmm wonder why! To say otherwise is arguing with the Globe & Dateline NBC who have complimented the work done in this story & wish to have work with them as they form their Skylar story for the masses! See

      After speaking with informants from inside Morgantown at length, I learnt about the web forums & attempted to visit the site, but how anyone continues to use that site is beyond me. It’s an ugly archaic NON-USER FRIENDLY message board. I saw 400 pages of posts, mostly off the wall rumors & nonsense, none of which was corroborated with any of my informants, & was definitely not going to sit there clicking Page 1, 2, 3, 100 reading anonymous posters rants & thoughts about psychics & tarot cards.

  11. rip sky says:

    how do you have information that Shelia and Rachel were in some kind of lesbian relationship with each other? photos of them just playing around to infer things like that isn’t enough? why would rachel kill skylar to be closer to shelia, Rachel had a bf?

    • colebart says:

      Rachel was catholic & had a boyfriend – two reasons she had to hide her secret relationship with Shelia. There are more compelling pictures, but they can’t be posted since they are underage. We are all for defying rape-shield laws when the accuser is full of lies (like what is currently going on with Jose Canseco) & ignoring juvenile sealed records when killers deserve to be exposed, but child pornography isn’t sometime we want to ever get into!

      The rumors are corroborated from numerous informants I have spoken with at length. There is an entire section in the blog about Rachel & her boyfriend, pictures & his facebook. I can’t answer why Shelia took it upon herself to orchestrate the murder for her & Rachel, but we all know now they did. The minds of 16 year old’s are illogical, irrational & impossible to explain, but they did it for no real reason (not that there ever is a good reason) & it is sickening.

  12. Elise says:

    There was info posted about Shelia as early as MAY 2nd. After Rachel Shoaf plead guilty, any idiot with half a brain could have googled Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy’s name would have appeared due to the fact someone else outed her over a month ago on forums. Soooo glad you had new and pertinent info pertaining to when that little c*** is going to be move to adult status. -__-

    • colebart says:

      May 2nd? Try October 2012! Listen, we know you locals knew who the killers were AS EARLY AS OCTOBER 2012 – not May 2nd, but for us outsiders, this was a damn good job. You locals got some nerve talking shit about a story an outsider put together from scratch. About to implement screenshots into the blog showing the relentless harassment of the 2 killers began in October 2012! Good stuff, just a bit disappointed you locals allowed 2 murderers to roam freely for 4 months AFTER one confessed. How you mingled with killers & allowed them to sit in the midst of them at restaurants, the movies, & in the classroom – mindboggling! To allow that to happen without exacting some vigilante justice is beyond me. Not one loon in the city to get real justice for Skylar, eh? Morgantown should oust their entire police force, & the FBI really stands for Frankly Botched Investigation.

      • Snazzy says:

        Uhmm and exactly what would you have had us “locals” do? We don’t pick and choose who law enforcement arrest. It sounds to me as if there needs to be an investigation into how this whole case was handled. This was def. not one of law enforcements finer moments.

  13. Elise says:

    Your informants are high school CHILDREN…let’s be real here. No legitimate detective would compromise a case for a nobody. You do not care about Skylar you just see three attractive girls and want to somehow get your name linked to a story that is starting to blow up. It’s disgusting.

    • colebart says:

      Your wrong – the informants are not HS kids, they are the very cops & detectives that leaked every detail of the case to the locals month after month, along with the locals who witnessed this circus show for nearly a year! Loose lips is what your local cops have :)

      You are right – I DO NOT “care” about Skylar. Never met her, & she did not impact my life. None of the impending explosion of media reporters covering our complete story about Skylar will “care” about her either. Your point is common knowledge. It’s a big story, & we are covering it. Next.

      • A LOCAL says:

        One very important fact that you failed to post was that Shania was on vacation at the beach with her family when this happened. Did that one slip your mind or did your detective work fail? We “locals” that haven’t even met Skylar “care.” You should be ashamed of yourself. Oh and btw, you posting pictures of underage children on your blog that have absolutely nothing to do with this story….maybe we should report you as one of them happens to be a family member of mine.

        • colebart says:

          We know Shania was “at the beach” when this happened, although I’m not sure I put it past her “pap” to lie for her, nevertheless, since we did take her alibi at face value, & note that is probably the reason she hasn’t been arrested yet, we did not imply she herself was there when Skylar was killed, but that does not change the fact she can still be charged with murder. Brush up on the law: We clearly state her involvement level ranges from covering things up AFTER, or the knowledge of before or after, & the lying she has done for Shelia makes it at minimum an obstruction of justice charge. We are still hopeful that she is charged with accessory to murder because everything we have dug up on Shania supports the fact that she is a violent, dangerous, menace to society.

          You should make sure your family members do not associate with killers & druggies anymore, & there would not be pictures with your family member with evil people.

          • concerned West Virginian says:

            let me say just because others are captured in phots of minors that you posted does not mean they are involeved with those arrested in this case, you have pics that contain other minors that dont even know those two girls, I know one of the girls captured in a pic….get your facts straight and stay away from our WV minors that have no involvment in the horriable acts that done to Skyler

      • Xasthur says:

        Lies you do care Cole. Particularly because Skylars so called ‘best friends’ literally stabbed her in the back. This story makes everyone ponder about their friendships and whether or not they can be trusted.

  14. KidsKnowMoreThanUs says:

    It seems logical that some of his information comes from high school students. They’re the ones who went to school with these girls, had them as “friends” on Facebook, twitter and Instagram and can offer opinions about who these girls are. Obviously the adults supervising these killers were clueless or didn’t care what was going on with these girls. When the blog is about two teenagers who killed their classmate I would think the best information would come from fellow classmates. The nation needs to hear this story and currently this blog a way to get to the details that mainstream media hasn’t reported yet.

  15. Sarah says:

    Wow, thanks so much for bringing this story to light for other news media to discover. Great read.

  16. Sarah says:

    Also, you did a good job backing up theories with pictures and tweets. Your version was the first story that wasn’t a generic press release with minimal info. You got a knack for this stuff! Loved the Holly Lahti lottery story too!

  17. Sarah says:

    So let me mention this again , shania is not a suspect, this moron said she was a suspect , and Shania Ammons was at the beach , 6 hours away , when Skylar went missing. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about because his secret Morgantown informant is probably 17 years old , that pretty much sums up my original comment!

  18. Dara says:

    “You are right – I DO NOT “care” about Skylar. Never met her, & she did not impact my life. None of the impending explosion of media reporters covering our complete story about Skylar will “care” about her either. Your point is common knowledge. It’s a big story, & we are covering it. Next.”

    This statement really bothers me. When i first heard about Skylar i was instantly impacted by this tragedy. I have never met her, but by reading her tweets and hearing her family speak, its hard not to care and to want to hold your loved ones even closer. It seems like you feel no empathy for your victims and just try to find the juiciest story that will help you to achieve that fame and money you so obviously desire– but I truly hope I am wrong and you aren’t as narcissistic as you seem.

    • colebart says:

      The last story blogged about was Holly Lahti the Mega Millions Lottery winner. Hardly “juicy”, but there was a void & demand, & we filled it by finding the first picture of her, ultimately finding it’s way on the Today Show & NY Post.

      Now Skylar’s story caught my attention & I instantly became pissed off that a killer’s identity was being protected. That is the SOLE reason I decided to make this story the next blog – to set out to find the killer’s identity. Once that was accomplished, more & more content was freely shared with me by the locals of Morgantown – & now numerous media outlets have stumbled across the details of the story right here. It is what it is. Did not choose the story for the “juicy” aspect as you accuse, but really it stemmed from finding out who SHELIA EDDY was.

      I am a single male, only a few years removed from college. Sorry I am not in the same stage of life as you are to be able to relate & have that emotional attachment by “holding your loved ones”, by that I assume you mean your children. Relative my dear, everything is relative. & for the record, I do not have any victims.

      • Dara says:

        I misspoke and didn’t mean to say “your victims” but “the victims,” so i apologize. Also, I just graduated from George Mason and am about to be a graduate student there in the fall for social work. I am a 24 single female but can still feel empathy towards others and want to hold my loved ones close when hearing about such tragic events.

        • Dara says:

          attempted to put my facebook as my website to show i wasn’t full of bull, but apparently i don’t know the url for it, so ignore that. I just ask that you think a little more about the victims when you are posting about them. That is all :] Thanks.

          • colebart says:

            I understand. & I found your facebook so I will post the link as you suggested you wished to do


            Let me add that seeing the Prom 2013 pics of Shelia really boiled my blood. This alone would have fueled me to write this story, but the fact the media still is hiding her identity provided the first & only motive I would need. Check the blog by tonight, it will have new content including the Prom pictures.

          • Dara says:

            She is a juvenile so i completely understand why they can’t and will not release her name yet. Have you heard anything about when the hearing will be to hopefully have her transferred to adult status?

          • colebart says:

            “Shelia should be transferred to adult this week and then her hearing transcripts will be public. She had gotten a 30 day extension on May 10th so June 10th or later should be her hearing unless her lawyer gets another extension. Once that happens, news outlets won’t even have a decision to make whether or not to release her name with their reports.” However it appears The Globe seems prepared to release Shelia’s name regardless.

      • DC says:

        yes there are victims here my family was tormented for almost a year

  19. Joseph P. says:

    I don’t like to play the race card so blatantly, but sometimes it’s so glaringly appropriate that it needs to be played:

    Does anyone think that if Skylar’s killers were black, they would have been granted 4 minutes of freedom, let alone 4 MONTHS!?

    • colebart says:

      It’s a very legitimate question given the double standards & hypocrisy that exists in our society…

      • PlayneJayne says:

        Especially in WV…. And before you other West Virginian’s start jumping down my throat – I was born and raised there – in Reedsville and Morgantown. It exists – and the answer to the question is – if the killers were black, they would have immediately been locked up and the key thrown away.

        • B says:

          I was born and raised in Morgantown WV and I can GUARANTEE if they were black they would have been cuffed as soon as a confession was made.. hell they would have probably been cuffed as soon as the allagations came about!

    • Anna says:

      I can understand why it took so long and why they didn’t arrest Shelia right away. They needed more info to make the case stick against her. This is why they used Rachel to get Shelia to talk about it with Rachel during surveillance.

      I have followed this case since the missing post came up on a facebook page I follow. So, I thank you for this info. It answers the questions. I believe it’s human nature to want to know why, when where, and who.

    • Holly says:

      Really? Why would you ask this ridiculous question.

  20. Joseph P. says:

    I only just now realized that the Assistant Principal that resigned, Robert Dodd, was the one that wrote that supportive note to Rachel thanking her for coming in and taking that test. Do you have any evidence that Dodd’s resignation was connected to this case?

    • colebart says:

      As far as the assistant principal that resigned. He was rumored to have had inappropriate email conversations with WVU student teachers at UHS. They would all be over 18 but still young to deal with being sexually harassed at work while college students. Check Monongalia Board of Education Minutes from March 26th about his resignation.

  21. Shana says:

    Do you think you could get your hands on the full transcript of Rachel Shoaf’s confession and hearing. They are public record but are only available by going to the courthouse in person. So far, the mainstream media has only released her plea agreement.

  22. Joseph P. says:

    It’s becoming obvious that the authorities (specifically, Morgantown DA Marcia Ashtown) were doing everything possible to go light on these two killers. I believe the original intent was to give Rachel immunity and charge Shelia as a minor where her record would be sealed and she would be out by the time she is 18. The thing that derailed this plan was the fact that Skylar’s body was found in another state—one with the death penalty—and her body was so mutilated that it was impossible to follow through with the immunity deal. The only thing more outrageous than the way the DA Marcia Ashtown has handled this case is the murder itself! What is Ashtown’s deal? Is she related to the murderers in some way?

    • Joseph P. says:

      Correction: The DA’s name is Ashdown, not Ashtown.

      • Snazzy says:

        I am curious as to why they are going so easy on these girls. Pretty sad that the judge even points out that there is enough for a 1st degree charge and made them speak with the family before the judge would take the plea. I have said it before and will say it again: There needs to be an investigation into the handling of this case. Maybe it would have been better for PA to have prosecuted these girls and not because they have the death penelty but because they could be objective and do what needed to be done.

  23. Disgusted says:

    I think once the status changed to adult, there should have been another date set so the public could have attended. Why protect these girls? They didn’t protect their “best friend”?!?

    P.S You should have left Jodi Arias out of this. She is no victim.

    • colebart says:

      I agree completely. Give them both the walk of shame with media everywhere.

      The jury foreman agreed that Jodi Arias had suffered verbal & emotional abuse by Travis Alexander. You will have a change of heart about Jodi Arias after the in depth story on her comes out next week. If you don’t think that being ordered to drive to a man’s place, get out & walk to the porch without saying a word, get on your knees & suck his dick until he cums on your face, & then proceed to leave STILL without saying a word – all because Travis Alexander ordered this, then I think your wrong. Of course I am taking this story at Jodi Arias’ word, but since she provided us even more disturbing recordings of Travis Alexander’s abusive sexual side, I have no reason to disagree with this aspect of her story. I just happen to find SOME sympathy for Jodi Arias, & none for these killers of Skylar Neese. & FYI, I wanted Casey Anthony to fry. Whenever a little girl or kid is involved, I tend to want the killer’s to die.

      • Spring says:

        Are you insane? I’m seriously asking. How anyone is gullible enough to continue to fall for Jodi Arias’s lies is mind boggling to me. She’s an admitted LIAR. She will say whatever she has to say to make herself look good. She has been proven to be a liar over and over and over again. If you are honestly dumb enough to believe her lies, it makes me question your judgement and your ability to run this type of blog. I’m literally shaking my head at your stupidity. Get a clue, dude. All I can guess is that it’s just another case of a guy thinking with his penis instead of his brain.

        • colebart says:

          No one ever said she is not a liar, in fact I’m willing to bet my life savings that you are a liar as well. Everyone is a liar sometimes – & especially when backed in a corner. Her lies sealed her own fate since it makes her look terrible, but you wrote all this because the story mentions that Jodi Arias looks like an angel compared to the lack of remorse of Shelia Eddy….. People say Jodi has no remorse because of this, this, & this – its hilarious. Even a parent mourning the loss of their child will have their body betray themselves in a moment of laughter. It doesn’t reflect their mood or their state of mind, but when Jodi Arias gives a smile for 2 seconds out of a 10 hour court day, people are just waiting to jump on it & say LOOK LOOK PROOF SHE HAS NO REMORSE & SHE DOESN’T EVEN CARE ABOUT HER LIFE LOOK RIGHT THERE!

  24. jdnsodndnd says:

    I’m going to report you to the WV state police for this. What you’re spewing here is illegal and if you think the Eddy family won’t come after you, you have no I’dea who you’re dealing with.

    • Joseph P. says:

      What are you talking about? How is this blog breaking the law? By naming the juvenile suspect? And what’s with the capital “I” and apostrophe in the word “I’dea?” Is that some sort of secret code?

      If you think the police have time to read blogs and worry about if they are publishing private information, then you have no I’dea about what you are talking about.

      • colebart says:

        Thanks Joseph

        I sure hope the cops & DA of Morgantown are reading this, because it will put extra heat on them to make sure they don’t let Shelia Eddy off with leniency like they let Rachel Shoaf off… Then again, they have already granted Shelia 4 extra months of freedom to smoke weed & party at proms when she should have been in prison, so there needs to be more widespread reports like ours to really make the DA carry out justice.

    • Morgantown resident says:

      Eddy Family come after him? You might want to be afraid of that. The apple never falls far from the tree or so they say. Glad that her name is out there and I hope she rots in prison until a ripe old age or gets shanked her first day and takes a half hour to bleed to death.

    • Seriously.. says:

      Its obvious your either related or a friend to the trash that has committed this hateful and senseless crime. You may be right to some degree whether the Eddy’s have a case, but it goes to show that they’re trash as well. For one, its sick to think they would stand behind her after what she has done but ultimately, the real reason would be to get “free” money because their probably to damn lazy to work from smoking to much weed. If in fact the waitress’s story of what happened at the restaurant is true, then its evident her mother knew what she had done. She should be charged as well.

      • Seriously.. says:

        My last comment was for the person making the threats about reporting you to the police & etc. Sorry for the confusion, if any. Thanks for updating us! I hope they both or whomever was involved pays for this selfish crime. When I read some of their tweets and how they carried on, is sickening.

  25. isabelle says:

    Yeah, I have to wonder if the D.A is related or connected to the killers as well….something isn’t right.

  26. Just Me says:

    Why wouldn’t PA have jurisdiction since Skylar’s body was in PA?

  27. kim says:

    Although locals knew in there gut who the second killer was and talked among one another, it wasnt allowed to make it concrete…Kudos to you for not fearing and doing so. i agree this “child” lost her rights when she helped take a life.. Especially just because they didnt want to be friends with her anymore..i believe she should be showed for the murderer she is like everyone else..Such a heinous crime deserves no protection.

  28. anonymousss says:

    okay first and foremost, it wasn’t the “locals” who let these scumbags run free. the police knew who killed skylar.. shelia was going to school and telling people that she stabbed her to death… HOWEVER, the detectives had no proof.. there was NO body! you can’t arrest someone without having proof. also, yes, you can find all of this info on wv message boards. there may be 400+ pages now, but for those of us that have been following it this whole time, we obvi didn’t have to read 400 pages all at once. therefore, none of this information was new to me except you claiming the girls to be lesbians together, which I have never heard. and I’m confused as to why you didn’t post the more provocative pictures bc they are “juveniles” yet you posted the rest of this information? lol anyway.. from my research on the case, all of this information is true. my only argument is that you brought up the Jodi Arias case and said she was being abused… LIES! there is no proof of her being abused, other than her saying so. she said she doesn’t even remember stabbing him, but she remembers dropping the knife. lol she is a psychopath, just like these little demon bitches. ALL of them are cold-blooded murders and all of them deserve the DP even though it prob isn’t going to happen. that is all.

    • colebart says:

      The jury foreman agreed that Jodi Arias had suffered verbal & emotional abuse by Travis Alexander. You will have a change of heart about Jodi Arias after the in depth story on her comes out next week. If you don’t think that being ordered to drive to a man’s place, get out & walk to the porch without saying a word, get on your knees & suck his dick until he comes on your face, & then proceed to leave STILL without saying a word – all because Travis Alexander ordered this, then I think your wrong. Of course I am taking this story at Jodi Arias’ word, but since she provided us even more disturbing recordings of Travis Alexander’s abusive sexual side, I have no reason to disagree with this. I just happen to find SOME sympathy for Jodi Arias, & none for these killers of Skylar Neese. & FYI, I wanted Casey Anthony to fry. Whenever a little girl or kid is involved, I tend to want the killer’s to die.

      • Mari H says:

        Good luck with that Arias story, moreover, changing people’s hearts. A lot of people, scratch that, millions of ppl, have been abused by boyfriends/husbands/partners far worse that what’s come to light in her case, and they don’t go around slaughtering them. Death, maybe not, but only from a $$$ angle, but mental issues aside, she’s as evil as the 2 girls here. Plus, most of us are Hodi’d out!

  29. Derrick says:

    Justice for Skylar.

  30. The Honest Truth says:


  31. Tammy OHagan says:

    Preston & Mon. Counties are becoming famous for letting murderers roam free. Investigate the shootings in Masontown/Reedsville. All ya gotta do is scream PTSD .. and they let you kill, get-out-of-jail-free-card and then collect a crazy check! I remember one story of a man who found out his wife was cheating so he went to the mans house and shot him … that was in Masontwon across from the School – He roams free. I also remember a story of a man in Masontown shot execution style in a shed… not sure about that one- but killer or killers never brought to justice! Or what about the ramant over-doses – DRUG DEALERS roam free.. Reedsville & Morgantown being a HAVEN for drug pushing!

    • colebart says:

      Our closing will be about the pill pushing epidemic going on in Morgantown – thanks to Florida’s Pill Mills….

      If you have one of these stories you just mentioned that needs more airtime, send the details to

  32. Friend says:

    Just so everyone knows, Mikinzy had NO IDEA what was happening until people told him she was in court. She had told him she was entering witness protection and would be gone for a while. Mikinzy was just as clueless as the rest of us so get his name off here because he did not give you permission to use it and he is not part of the case. He already told the grand jury and FBI everything he knew under oath. He’s not a bad person or someone to blame. Not did he know anything. Rachel lied to him so he wouldn’t know anything so he couldn’t get in trouble with the law for having information. She kept him OUT of it cause he had no PART in it. So get him off this page cause you don’t have the rights to ruin his life cause you don’t know the full story. (I edited this one incase you’re not allowed to use cuss words)

    • colebart says:

      We reached out to him, & his family members. They all chose to ignore instead of providing a quote. However, we did not shed Mikinzy in any kind of light other then to show that he was Rachel Shoaf’s boyfriend until about March. The amount of pictures we posted were actually to show what a nice young looking man he is. Since he was interviewed in what, November, by the FBI, he knew what was going on. And by “what was happening in court” I hope you mean January after she confessed & went to court to start her juvi proceedings. We know he was busy with band, & college, but the town knew Rachel was a murderer even before her January 2013 confession, & that confession only confirmed it for everyone.

      • Friend says:

        He didn’t know what was going on when he was being interviewed. The FBI called him on multiple occasions while I was with him to ask questions about there behavior. all the questions were about them but bot what happened cause he had no idea what happened. He didn’t know a single thing till she confessed for real. He didn’t even know she led them to the body till we all found out when she pleaded to murder. He was also interviewed and put in front of grand jury in about February I believe.

        • colebart says:

          He knew what was going on, the FBI is asking you how your gf has been acting because her best friend is murdered!? He connected the dots! Especially since it was all the town was talking about, & everyone knew Rachel had confessed , that’s why everyone was mind boggled as to why they were still roaming freely. In any event, we are not attacking him at all. Just mentioned who her bf was.

          • Townie says:

            I don’t know where your getting your “facts” from but as someone who lives in morgantown, went to UHS, and knows almost everyone involved in this case personally I can say that NONE of us (Mikinzy included) had any clue what those girls had done until the day it was released publically. Sure we figured those girls knew something we didn’t but noneof us would have ever guessed the truth. We were all in total shock. You might wanna be careful how you talk about things you obviously dont know much about. People might think this is acctually a reputable source.

        • Brian says:

          Speak for yourself “Townie”

          You are oblivious to reality & your own perception had you thinking others had their head in the clouds too. Perhaps literally? Too much weed?

          Mikinzy had to be hearing the rumors and the taunters on twitter were even saying someone has confessed. The rumor mill was saying it was Rachel.

          Rachel was a very skilled liar. She probably convinced Mikinzy the cops wouldn’t leave her alone because she was the last person to see Skylar. So even though Rachel confessed to police and the rumor mill had heard it she continued to tell everyone it was vicious lies. Love is blind so he believed her.

          I’d say he was questioned in February because I heard he was pulled out of a WVU class around that time. Not much after that they broke up but then he went to see her the night before she surrendered. God knows what she told the poor boy then.

  33. Alexandra says:

    This was written to gather “hits” on a webpage – shameful. You are not from MY town. It really takes a lot of gull for someone to try and make a name for themselves using a young girls murder. You had “informants”? You’re disgusting. This could happen anywhere – even in the little shit hole place you call home. Saying “Morgantown lost their moral compass” is a generalized overstatement. Yes Rachel did get a deal – which Skylar’s parents agreed to so they could GET THEIR DAUGHTER’S BODY. If you can’t understand the situation as a whole DO NOT try to simplify it to fit your personal agenda. I sincerely hope there are legal repercussions to your disgusting blog. Disgusting – simply disgusting.

    • colebart says:

      It was written because I was disgusted with the second killer’s name being protected once I saw the CNN piece of Skylar’s father saying ROT IN HELL. That was the sole reason we were fueled to write this. Determined not to let the killer’s identity stay hidden another day.

      You can thank us for Dateline NBC now working on doing a story on Skylar Neese. & this kind of heat/pressure on the cops will probably ensure the book gets thrown at Shelia Eddy. So thank us for putting your cops & DA on blast.

      Hits on a website? We don’t even have Google Advertising or any sort of advertising on the website. We have not profited a penny.

      I am not from your town. Again with the possessiveness of the story as some of you locals are taking this.

      Yes we have informants. Neighbors of yours that knows one of the judges, another that knows someone that works in the barber. & another. & a cop. I’m very crafty & very good at this.

      It was one of your own locals that said Morgantown lost it’s compass & painted the picture of pill abuse being an epidemic now for you guys. Check back later for the ending paragraph. It’s being written now.

      PS. Mission Viejo, California is my hometown & where I am from – or any south Orange County city for that matter – is consistently being voted the safest cities in the United States, with Mission Viejo leading the way year after year, so your “shit hole” comment lost me.

      • Alexandra says:

        I can only hope something like this happens in your “safe” city so you can start evaluating your surroundings. Disgusting sums you and this story perfectly.

        • Joseph P. says:

          I can’t understand why you are angry. Perhaps you are a resident of the area and think that this blog is bringing your hometown bad publicity. As a non-West Virginia resident, let me say that I personally have no negative feelings towards Morgantown, Star City, or West Virginia at all (I personally feel West Virginia is one of the most beautiful states and would be the Switzerland of America had it not been looted by corrupt politicians for the last century). The bad publicity should be focused on the two girls that committed this murder and the law enforcement people that thought it was fine to let these murderers roam free for four months.

          • colebart says:

            Yea, only an evil sickening person wishes harm on someone else – especially if that someone else is doing nothing, but exposing a couple of killers and their gang to the national audience.

        • really? says:

          You hope someone dies in his hometown? That seems unreasonable.

  34. justin lucas says:

    you should really not act like u know things from across the country……how do you even tie shania to the case when she clearly had nothing to do with it let alone cover up for anyone maybe u should have came to wv and talked to her before accusing her of such things. sheila and skylar were her best friends of course she was going to believe her friend well someone she thought was her friend. you are a sick and twisted fn individual.

    • colebart says:

      I spoke to Shania. She threatened me as well & wanted hide behind her age as a minor. She lied & tried to paint Shelia as this timid little girl just last month. The facts are all there.

      • justin lucas says:

        yea you think you have facts just to inform you ive known shania since she was born im her cousin and best friend. for 1 shania is not bisexual and 2 she honestly believed sheila and thought she had nothing to do with it. shania lost more than just a best friend. this is tearing her apart. how would you feel if you found out one of your friends killed another one of your friends that you believed had nothing to do with it. you start to have trust issues and your head would be a little missed up wouldnt it

        • colebart says:

          Why is she continually posting about pretty little liars? Does she not know how that looks, in light of everything that is happening? As her NEW best friend, you should advise her to get off the internet, but yes her head must be a mess. I would be restless & nervous too about what type of charge I was facing …. an accessory to murder (if she had a role in it without being there since she was at the beach), obstruction of justice or tampering with evidence. Who knows. We have presented what we do know of her with our informants & her own words, & pictures. If she wishes to change her defiant disgusting attitude towards everyone & give us a calm respectful interview, we can update & revise the blog. As we told her already, she can contact

          • Canal says:

            I hope they get you for slander and you can go back to prison you piece of trash. You are a complete idiot and it is disgusting that you are trying to sensationalize the death of a 16 year old girl to get attention for yourself and then act like you’re some sort of savior.

  35. someone says:

    This whole thing needs deleted. Stop gossiping about the lives of these girls.
    Skylar’s parents do not need to see this floating around, being shared on Facebook!

    • Joseph P. says:

      I don’t believe you should purport to speak for Skylar’s parents. I heard her father on CNN, and I doubt if you are correct in thinking this blog would disturb him. I am guessing that Skylar’s parents want the facts to come out about what happened to their daughter, and not have it swept under the rug, as appears to be the intent of the law enforcement people handling the matter.

      • someone says:

        It does disturb him. He has asked for this not to be shared. I’m from this town. I went to school with these kids. I hate that people are commenting this saying oh thanks for sharing the truth. The writer of this does not know anymore than the people of Morgantown.

        • colebart says:

          You would be surprised who my sources are.

          When I choose my next blog story (which by the way are few & far between), I go all out.

          Last blog I wrote was on Holly Lahti & that ended up on Good Morning America, Today Show, NY Post, etc…

          It is no surprise to me that Dateline NBC & other outlets have contacted us about our story.

    • Tired of it all says:

      For your information, I found this site to be very informative, and helpful for getting all this straightened out in my mind.
      If you are really worried about Skyler’s parents, then go to a website called and read all the forums about Skyler and the ones about her killers, and then I think you will see this site is pretty sane and reasonable! Listen to the ones on there talking about this, or about anything for that matter. Page after page of filthy language, everyone…no, I take that back, some very nice people there, who censor what comes out of their mouths, unfortunately, they are in the minority. But, the majority talk like gutter snipes, and have no shame at speaking in a public place, and showing their disgusting selves to the public.
      I cannot see why people are threatening this young man and treating him like dirt, when the dirt is on our doorsteps, and I don’t see anyone in a big hurry to clean theirs off.
      Go home and find out what your ‘good’ kids are into, then come on back and we will discuss it. Some of you are making me ashamed to be a West Virginian.
      I just found this site tonight, have read my way through it and am pretty impressed at the way it has been done. For the most part, nothing but facts, in an orderly way, and without using trash talk.
      There was a time when we welcomed folks to our state and town, and showed our manners, even if they were normally only brought out on Sunday. For those of you who act deficient, I am sure your parents (no matter how old you happen to be) would be ashamed of you, for hearing you talking like this.
      It is this kind of behavior that makes me wonder that there hasn’t been more young people killing and maiming each other, or, their parents, and comes as no surprise that the younger generation is like this, considering how the previous generation behaves, and seem to have lost all sense, and manners.
      There is a group of posters here who owe this young man, who is only doing his job, whether you approve of it or not, and should not be talked to like he was the criminal instead of these hometown murderers.
      I’ll tell you now, best be watching your backs, to make sure your children aren’t up to something behind it! Best be spending more time with them too, so you know what they are up, instead of hanging around on these boards haranguing those who are doing their job.

  36. Haley says:

    WV does not have the death penalty.

  37. Justice's Ghost says:

    I just finished reading your entire story. I live about 10 miles from where Skylar’s body was found. I have known Shelia Eddy since she was a small child. Your story seems very accurate to the stories we have been hearing locally since last fall. I agree her name should have been published months ago. I am acquainted with a friend of Rachel Shoaf’s mother, and seeing your story, I don’t think she is the great lady I have been led to believe. I hope Rachel, Shelia, and Shania (if she knew about it), spend the rest of their live in jail. I also agree there is something wrong culturally, when we have come to accept this without absolute outrage. I think the story is amazingly accurate, so you must have very good sources.

    • Tired of it all says:

      Finally, someone with some sense, and who isn’t taking offense at the story being brought out in the light of day. Seems to me, many of these posters are afraid their dirt will get dug up along with what is being dug up on these…what do you call them, you cannot call them children, for they certainly are not that. Spawn of the devil, I believe someone else called them? Sounds right to me.

  38. Cary says:

    I think the easy drug availability and lesbian relationships are going to come out as a major part of this whole event. Locally, people have been astounded for months that Shelia’s name hasn’t come out. Local rumors have authorities supposedly looking at Shelia’s Dad as having a role in hiding Skylar’s body (or knowledge of it).

    • Cary says:

      Also I think you are providing a valuable service. Locally, people are becoming concerned justice will not be served in this case. Rumors have it that Rachel will be sentenced to 20 years, and only have to serve 6-7 years. Perhaps the national publicity can help make sure a local travesty doesn’t occur. How these monsters could face Mr. Neese after what they did leads me to believe they are something less than human.

      • Joseph P. says:

        I agree. That is why I support this site—it is very possible that law enforcement has an inclination to let these murderers slide, and the publicity created by this web site will make that more difficult.

        I also wish I could understand the mindset that would cause these two girls, who are beautiful and popular, to commit something so horrifying. The only answer I can reach is that some adolescent girls, especially ones that are full of themselves as these two seem to be, develop sociopathic tendencies. I am skeptical of armchair psychoanalysis, but these girl’s tweets do show a fascination with living a “Pretty Little Liars” lifestyle. I suspect that these girls carried out the murder less because they hated Skylar than because they wanted to see themselves as gansta thugs. Many of their tweets after the murder seem to show that they are proud of the notoriety that they developed around the neighboorhood.

        • Steve says:

          The work acquaintance I have is good friends with Patricia Shoaf. She has lead people to believe she is horrified her honor student daughter was involved, but from your blog she appears to at least be an enabler. My friend was telling me late last year that authorities were questioning Rachel but she was very arrogant and condescending to them and wouldn’t cooperate at all. However, when investigators from the US Attorney’s office became involved, her attitude changed. I think she would have been freed if the PA. District Attorney hadn’t threatened to charge her, if Monongalia County granted her immunity in West Virginia. In talking to Shoaf acquaintances, it amazes me that they think 20 years is a long time. I agree with Dave Neese, I hope they rot in Hell.

  39. Izzy says:

    It is sickening how Morgantown police department operates. This is nothing new to our town though as you say some locals have told you. That’s bullshit. It has always been an unjust who knows who and who has the most money kind of so called justice system. In 2000 my father who was an active member if the church and and all around wonderful person was killed by a piece of shit alcoholic named Shane Vannoy who only got four months in jail and six months of house arrest for taking my mother’s life. he got away with murder and still rides around Morgantown driving drunk and beating his woman..well until she left his sorry ass! Good job Morgantown judicial system…. If you walk downtown drunk the police here will slam you to the ground push their knees in your back slam your face off the pavement and scream at you to stop assisting arrest but if you take a life its a slap on the wrist….unless the person killed is a cop a judge or a relative of one of the two there is no justice in Morgantown WV for the victims of serious crimes only brutality for petty mistakes. I have been here thirty years and i could easily tell you of so much

  40. Allie says:

    This is a very informative piece, but the part about Skylar’s murder being identical to the Pretty Little Liars saga is completely false. The girls in that show did not kill their friend and are being terrorized by the person who actually DID kill their friend, whose identity is unknown (though if the show continues to follow the plot of the books, the killer will be revealed to be the dead friend’s twin sister). Again, the four girls in that show genuinely miss their friend and DID NOT play a role in killing her. They also are not mean girls; the girl who was killed was the queen bee and the deceptive and catty one. The show is basically a mystery series, wherein the four friends who are left alive are trying to figure out who killed their friend and is now terrorizing them. Rachel and Shelia are monsters and NOTHING like the characters on Pretty Little Liars. The only things they have in common are that all of them are pretty and all of them tell lies. The girls on Pretty Little Liars know basically nothing about who killed their friend and are afraid of the killer themselves, where as Rachel and Shelia, as we now know, ARE the killers.

    Anyway, I’m just telling you this because I think drawing parallels to a show that is nothing at all like this case but merely sounds like it could be (in name only) makes this look sensationalistic. Read up on the show/series, and you’ll probably want to take edit some of the things that you have about Pretty Little Liars in here. The fact that they all liked the show is coincidental; their crime was not inspired by the show. In fact, the murder on the show itself was carried out by hitting the girl in the head with a large shovel and then burying her unconscious but alive– clearly not what happened to Skylar.

    • colebart says:

      Jeez, the comparison wasn’t LITERAL, but a group of girls with their core member murdered (skylar) then face relentless harassment & taunting from the locals for months. I assure you, that Skylar Neese show will prompt plenty of Pretty Little Liars comparisons. You are far too into the show to pick apart each episodes differences to appreciate the general similarities that are indeed in both.

      Trust me, I know about these shows. My sister hooked me on Gossip Girl. I know about the Queen B – stolen straight from GG (loved Blair & Chuck). I’m not going to argue about the finer points & plot twists of how the show differs.

      • PlayneJayne says:

        God – now I’m gonna have to go watch Pretty Little Liars to find out what that’s all about…

  41. ForgottenTimes says:

    I find myself wondering is West Virginia still Wild&Wonderful or Wild&Wicked? I believe that the guilty parties involved should be held to the highest extent of the law. Those girls had no empathy for Skylar, therefore they deserve none.

  42. chris says:

    Nice. Gathering info from forums and HS students. Have you told your readers the horrible things you’ve been saying to some of these minors who may not even be involved on Twitter? You’ll get yours one day.

  43. Julie Shields says:

    This case is intriguing from a voyeuristic perspective. Because all the players are very attractive young girls, I look forward to the made for television movie. I have never watched Pretty Little Liars, but I might order it from Netflix.

  44. Felicity says:

    Amateur journalism at its finest.

  45. Buck says:

    Thanks for putting it all together!

  46. Reason over Feelings says:

    I believe that it is accurate to say that most people, including us former and current “locals,” are enraged, saddened, and shocked by this crime. Any loss of a child is sad and devistating, and a loss of a child in such a violent way spreads shock waves throughout the community, state and nation. Just because it has not been all over the national media it is not indicative that “locals” don’t care – in fact, it may prove to be very beneficial.

    Initially, the delays immediately in bringing charges after the body was discovered was likely due to the fact that proper jurisdiction had to be determined. Generally, jurisdictional venue is proper in the district where the crime occurred. Therefore, in this instance, given that Skylar was murdered in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania courts should have had original jurisdiction in this case. With that being said, a court can transfer a case to more convenient forum for various reasons, including if the witnesses, evidence, and other variables are located in another jurisdiction. In this instance, the Skylar was from West Virginia, she got in a car in West Virginia, the witnesses, suspects and evidence were in West Virginia; thus, Pennsylvania likely released the case to West Virginia on these grounds, which, as we all know, court decisions and proceedings take time. Therefore, the initial delay was not because the “local” police don’t care, but because proper jurisdiction – as well as proper avenues to move forwards with the case – had to be determined.

    Secondly, the fact that the media has not been involved is a good thing. You took time above to compare Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf to Jodi Aris; however, you seemingly forgot the Casey Anthony case. As a result of intense media coverage, the State of Florida overcharged Casey Anthony with First Degree murder with evidence insufficient to establish motive and premeditation. The police found that Casey Anthony had Google searches for “how to kill a 2 year old,” “how to break a two year old’s neck,” and “how to clean with chloroform” – all of which are more conclusive than a lesibian love triangle, vague tweets, Facebook posts, and drinking and drugs. I’m not downplaying your collection of the aforementioned items, I’m just pointing out that it is a large jump for a jury to conclude that this information – or evidence in the loosest terms, which is circumstantial at best – leads to murder. Generally speaking, the more sensational the and cirmcumstantial the evidence, the less likely the case will succeed in court. Therefore, the lack of pressure from the media has allowed the District Attorney Ashdown and the Morgantown Police – and all other investigative parties – to conduct a proper investigation. Which, is a good thing because, had the State of Florida charged Casey Anthony for the crime for which the evidence was sufficient, the outcome would have likely been significantly different. Frenzied media attention, Nancy Grace, and unfortunately, dissemination of information on forums like this, cause innocent people to go to jail (i.e. Amanda Knox, Kirk Bloodsworth) and guilty people walk (i.e. Casey Anthony – and almost Jodi Aris).

    Related, by allowing Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy to walk around for months, even after the former confessed to the crime, they were able to collect information that would otherwise been unavailable had the suspects been tipped off that they were being investigated, as they would have contacted legal counsel and stopped tweeting, posting on Facebook, and all a activity you posted, along with other evidence the police collected in the 4 months that the suspects were permitted to go in with their lives. Therefore, the “locals” weren’t dismissing the case or hiding anything, they were conducting a proper investigation in order to try the case in court, not in the media.

    As a side note, the fact that their files are sealed because they’re juveniles is not a failure of “locals” it’s proper procedure, as sealing juvenile records is the rule, and unsealing them are the exception. That is the US Justice system.

    Next, I believe that you are correct in saying that Rachel Shoaf believed that she would get full immunity by confessing and implicating Shelia Eddy; however, that all changed when Skylar’s body was found almost decapitated. With that being said, the DA’s decision to offer Rachel Shoaf a plea deal guaranteed that someone would spend time in prison for Skylar’s murder. It’s not the perfect solution, but it is justice nevertheless, whether Rachel Shoaf spends 10, 20, 30 or 40 years in prison. Further, this does not prevent the police from charging Shelia Eddy with first degree murder, although, it is likely not wise as, absent other information, as stated above, the evidence is not sufficient to overcome reasonable doubt – even with Rachel Shoaf’s confession as she took plea deal. Additionally, I believe that it would be very difficult to find a jury that will sentence such a young person to life in prison – irrespective of how heinous the crime was. Therefore, to ensure that Shelia will also go to jail, I would say that a plea deal or a charge of second degree murder is likely more appropriate – however, Shelia should spend more time in prison than Rachel as she failed to come forward. As everybody, including “locals,” would love to see these girls punished to the fullest extent, it is more appropriate that are punished. In WV, the girls will not face the death penalty, and even if convicted, I do not believe that a jury will sentence Shelia Eddy to life in prison because she’s so young. A fact that is unfortunate, but likely.

    In sum, I’m not discrediting any thing that was posted; however, I believe that it is harsh to say that “locals” don’t care and the police and DA are incompetent. It’s easy to be angry, upset, devastated, mortified, and any adjective that the brutal murder of an innocent child evokes; however, legal proceedings and investigations cannot be led by emotions. Is it fair that two girls went free for four months, or is it fair that one went to the prom when the girl she murdered would never be afforded the same opportunity? Absolutely not, and they’re reprehensible humans. However, justice is not always fair, but it’s always right. It’s ok to be angry, but the anger should be placed towards Rachel Shoaff and Shelia Eddy, not the police, “locals,” the DA, or the media – or lack thereof. In the end, we’re likely going to see that the investigation and lengthy process was how justice is properly conducted. The state has a high burden of reasonable doubt to overcome, and that burden can only be overcome by proper investigation, calculated risk, and the carrying out of – not retribution or revenge – but justice. The police, “locals” and the DA are on their way to doing just this.

    • colebart says:

      Well said. A few things:

      “Shelia should spend more time in prison than Rachel as she failed to come forward”

      At first I thought Rachel came forward out of guilt & relentless taunting by the locals, in which case I would say kudos & your statement would apply. However, I think she ultimately only came forward because she thought she was being given full immunity. So SHOULD Shelia spend more time in prison because she failed to come forward, when Rachel only came forward because of the FULL IMMUNITY she thought she had? No, but a plea deal is a plea deal.

      If the jury had not been sequestered in the Casey Anthony trial, then that jury would without a doubt have found her guilty, & we would have had HLN & the widespread media coverage to thank. No a trial should not be played out in the court of public opinion, but if you are arguing the power of the media to put some heat & pressure on authorities & the court, then it goes without saying. I don’t know about before, but a boost in media coverage now can only help to ensure the DA does her job in not letting Shelia off easy. I was beside myself with the negativity I found on the Prayers for Skylar Facebook page when I originally sought to find out Shelia Eddy’s name. They were all against starting this story – Mary Neese as well. It doesn’t make sense to me to keep this out of the media at this point.

      I did not say locals did not care. I presented the relentless taunting from locals to clearly show they were passionate & determined to force these girls forward. I simply suggested that vigilante justice for a crime like this would have been in order. Casey Anthony had to move out of FL & hide because if she remained, there indeed would have been wacko’s exacting revenge for little Caylee Anthony. It’s just hard to fathom that you guys could sit there in the ice cream parlor, the movies, the barber shop without being beside yourself with pent up anger. Perhaps you guys did indeed clench your fists every time you saw the killers strolling around town without a care in the world.

      We still do not believe that killers should remain free at the expense of the town. When weighing the lesser of 2 evils or the greater good, you cannot risk & sacrifice these girls killing more students or people in the name of justice for Skylar Neese. If forced to choose, you must arrest & do with what you have in convicting them, rather then let them remain free to “gather evidence” while they could very well have killed again & again. What’s to stop them? They had no real motive the first time around, & with so much time passing, they were emboldened (that is clear from their social media) to at some point do it again. They are cold blooded killers.

      Thank you for providing us more polished insight.

      • Reason over Feelings says:

        Irrespective of Rachel’a reason for coming forward, she did, in fact, come forward. And, without that, there would be no suspects currently arrested. The old adage “the first to squeal, gets the deal.” rings true, and always will.

        With regard to the Casey Anthony trial, the jury ruled on the facts presented in court – this wasn’t the problem. The problem was the intense media scrutiny calling for Casey Anthony’s head on a platter, which led to the pressure on the DA to seek first degree murder. Quite simply, she was overcharged for the crime. Perhaps, had the media stayed out of it, the police could have investigated her – similar to that of Shoaf and Eddy – to collect the evidence necessary to convict her. Instead, she “lawyerd up” and we know the result. This is why the Treyvon Martin case is so long and drawn out because the DAs know that they cannot lose this case, less riots will enaue – as they should. Quite simply, the media puts a significant amount of pressure on DAs on hot cases, as those cases draw in audiences. It’s not completely the media’s fault, we as a society demand these stories. However, we must be cautious, as the state already has a burden of reasonable doubt, they shouldn’t be pressured to overcharge suspects so the blood thirsty masses are appeased. (As a side note, I would highly recommend reading the Amanda Knox book to see how the media and DA worked together to convict two innocent people – and I would suggest reading the Kirk Bloodsworth story, as he was identified in a police lineup after the media ran his face all over the news – BEFORE – the lineup) I’m not saying that the media doesn’t help, in fact, many innocent lives have been spared by the media shedding light on police and prosecutorial misconduct; however, the lines are often blurred between helpful and unhelpful. For instance, the media got it really wrong in the 2006 Duke Rape Case. Further, I grew up in Morgantown, and, despite the preconcieved notion that all towns in WV meet the stereotype, it’s not a backwards, redneck, uneducated hick town. If the media would have swarmed, Shoaf would have never confessed and there would be no evidence against Eddy. There are excellent defense attorneys in Morgantown, and, if those aren’t sufficient, there are high powered Pittsburgh attorneys with WV licenses just over an hour away. There parents would have lawyerd up so quickly, the crime would still be like I unsolved.

        With regard to “vigilante justice being in order,” I could not disagree more. Vigilante justice just leads to more crime – see the crime rate and history in any major city. We are not a society of vigilantes, nor should we be. We’re a society of justice. You know, that whole “justice for all” line at the end of the pledge if allegiance? It is not the public’s place to seek justice by their own hands, but rather, it is the role, in a civilized society, for justice to be served by the police and judiciary. What would you have had the locals do? Engage in violence? Arrest them and hold them where – when courts and police did not put them in jail? You don’t know if or how locals reacted when they saw these girls in public, and, admittedly, neither do I. However, I do not doubt that those who knew the facts did react to the fullest extent legally permissible, but, as stated above, Mogantown isn’t a small town where everybody knows everybody’s business, a lot of people likely did not know what was going on or who was responsible. You can’t really fault people for not reacting, when they didn’t know there was a reason to react.

        I also do not agree that you “should arrest and do with what evidence you have.” Initially, I’ve been lose with my language by saying these girls have killed Skylar – as we all have – however, Shelia has not been convicted yet, so, in the eyes of the law – she’s innocent. We can’t, as society, arrest and imprison people without proper investigation, as it is a violation of the Due Process Clause of the US Constitution. In fact, our country has arrested people without proper investigation, and we imprisoned and executed innocent people. That approach is not successful, as it leads to a miscarriage of justice, which is the very thing Skylar deserves. Gathering evidence – all evidence – is essential to procuring justice. Haphazardly seeking evidence leads to both convictions of innocent, and acquittals of the guilty.

        Also, with regard to Casey Anthony fleeing Florida to prevent “assassination” I am not convinced that somebody won’t kill her at some point. A prominent judge once said, “justice is a process not always served by the courts.” Therefore, Casey Anthony may still be a target, and Rachel and Shelia may also face the same fate.

        Additionally, I take issue with “they had no real motive before.” You’re contradicting yourself, you want first degree murder, but then saying they had no motive. Motive is an essential element for first degree murder. You can’t have one without the other. With that being said, they targeted Skylar. The police would not have released them if they were deemed a further danger to society, and I would bet, the police knew every move they made for the months they were free. – given that Shelia was arrested as soon as she walked out of Cracker Barrel.

        I understand that people are fired up and want these girls destroyed, like the life they destroyed. However, justice has to run it’s course, and it’s timeframe is not always swift if done correctly. Letting them go for four months allowed the police to determine if there was anybody else involved, directly or indirectly, and likely allowed to police to find the final nail in Shelia’s coffin. If I have a choice to arrest somebody immediately and use whatever evidence I have, helping their chances to be found not guilty, or taking the time to investigate properly and gather all evidentary support to convict them, I will choose the latter each and every time.

        • Mari H says:

          Wrong about this, Reason, so there goes the rest of your argument: “Motive, in itself, is not an element of any given crime; however, the legal system typically allows motive to be proven in order to make plausible the accused’s reasons for committing a crime.”

        • Snazzy says:

          I had heard that Rachel was admitted to a mental hospital and told her therapist there what she had done under the assumption that they would not be able to say anything. She then thought that she would just hang out at this hospital after being told by the therapist that she needed to tell her parents and the police what she had done. It was my understanding that the therapist found a way to tell the police or someone of authority what she had done because they felt she was a threat not only to herself but to others as well. That was when she finally confessed and told them what had happened and where the body was. Not sure how accurate that is but that is one of the rumors going around.

  47. Oliver says:

    Great job compiling info, but way to much opinion to be a real news story. This article needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The killers of this girl should spend their lives in prison. Where is the parental guidance? These girls do and post anything they want online? Hopefully all the parents realize that they are responsible through a stunning lack of responsibility. This is a black eye for Morgantown and a heart breaking tragedy for the Neese family.

    • Summer says:

      I’m from Morgantown and while I do agree that it is heart breaking and that the parental guidance wasn’t there. I do not agree that it was black eye for Morgantown, it’s not the town’s fault or anyone that lives here. We did not know that it was happening and if we did it wouldn’t have. Tragic things happen everywhere, we’ll make it through this and this will not be what our town is known for. We’ll be fine.

  48. Family Member of Skylar says:

    I am a family member of Skylars. We knew from the very beginning that Rachel & Shelia were involved. While many parts of this story are accurate we dont believe the girls had a lesbian relationship. Were they teenage girls who drank & got high? Maybe shared some drunken kisses? Sure. But no way do I think lesbian jealousy was a motive. Otherwise I think it was very well written. Thanks for your honesty & candor. I hope the interest in Skylar remains and this doesn’t happen to another undeserving young lady.

    • colebart says:

      Thank you. & sorry for your loss :(

      Bi-sexual relationship in the very least. Lesbian does seem a bit extreme since they did indeed like boys & Rachel had a BF, but look at Shania’s reactions to some of Shelia’s convos – that’s a deep love, not just a friendship. & Shania’s pictures with a clear looking dyke looking lesbian backs it. Shania is a lesbian, bi-sexual or just very accepting of alternative lifestyle because she’s a 4/20 free love kind of girl. & to a lesser extent this is true of the other girls too, wouldn’t you agree? It seems to describe them well. There’s nothing wrong with it – just establishing/corroborating the motive investigated.

  49. Taylorjamesconrad says:

    your blog has ALOT of voice in it.
    this story is sickening.

  50. Nicorus says:

    Keep this story rolling. There are enough facts regardless that this should spread like wildfire so we can stop with the hands-off crap and maybe even do something about this ridiculous system. In my years on the streets of Morgantown (I always enjoyed a walk around our beautiful city) I’ve seen some bs but this really sheds light on how absurd the system really is now. Trying to grant immunity to a confessed killer, and fighting tooth and nail it seems to get them both in and out like it’s a fucking fast food joint! And instead our cops are out on every corner with helicopters ahead (always on the same day) waiting for opportunity$, and hunting down whoever is against them. There are a good few, and for them I can only wish the best. But honestly, if you’re not with them you’re done for.
    Thank you Cole for all your hard work!

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