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Click for more details about the Platinum Membership

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Due to the traffic from prospective clients, the above number is solely for 1 on 1 discussions with current clients only. 38 is considered triple prosperity – just the cherry on top for Platinum members wanting the DS knowledge, skill, magical touch & aura. Prospective clients email Cole@DollarScholar.com

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Why pay for Dollar Scholar Consulting?

All I do is win because I am the Dollar Scholar…

Perfect 6-0 with Dollar Scholar Guarantees

Had a 120-37 record from 2011 & 2012 for free on Twitter

Went into private practice as of 2013, & DS Consulting was born!

In October 2001, the first massive parlay hit: Just a week after 9/11, still in High School & just turned 17 years old, I bet $500 on an 8 Game Parlay with SportsBook.com & won $35,000.

In November 2001, the multi-million dollar claim to fame: The following month, I started from $0 & launched a company, rounded up & turned $1.6 million of investor’s money into $6 mil in ONE month as a 17 yr old by investing on sports. The SEC seized the funds citing I was underage, unlicensed, & violating security laws by guaranteeing returns.  It became national news & is still widely publicized, & you can view court documents & the story in more detail at ColeBartiromo.com or watch the news clips at my Youtube….  2002-2009 was spent battling the government in courtrooms, being fined $1.3 MIL to make an example of me, & then rotting away in prison or being suffocated by federal supervision/probation officers …

In 2009, the $100 deposit that turned into a $100,000 parlay win: Finally free to live again & with nothing to my name, it was time to rise. I overdrew my bank account $100 at the ATM to go negative for the purpose of placing a desperation parlay. Not just any parlay, but a life changing parlay- a 13 game parlay! It naturally won because I am the Dollar Scholar with a knack for money swirling around me. That $100 won me $100,000. The 13 gamer is broken down into 5 screenshots: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) with the account activity page a few days after winning it, & the payouts page.

In 2011, the $200 deposit that turned into $350,000 of parlay winnings: After a year + of relaxing, vacations, enjoying life, investing & funding my start ups, & giving away money to those in need, it was time to get back to work & build the bankroll back up so I deposited $225 + $14.99 (fee) online for a parlay at the end of February 2011. Yes, one of my world famous magical parlays with the touch of Dollar Scholar Destiny (D$D) blessing it! I did a 7 & 12 game parlay that paid over $50,000. See (1) (2) (3).  Then I did a $5,000 4 game parlay that got me up to $90,000.  Then I threw down $7,000 on a few parlays led by a 9 game parlay that paid $107,000 additional profits. See (1) (2) (3). Cashed out nearly $200,000 by the end of the week & gave away over $20,000 of it to random people in my networks that asked for help. The SportsBook contacted me to congratulate my wins for the week. Over the next month, played with a few thousand online & then won another $150,000 by betting $500 on a 9 game parlay.

Others: I have helped countless individuals profit as well, like a fellow student from my former High School. He sought my advice & I coached him through submitting the bets. He deposited $500 with beted (1) & $1,000 with sportsbook.com for Super Bowl 2011. Adamantly telling him Packers as the core pick in all parlays, he built a $5,000+ balance with beted & a $25,000 balance with sportsbook.com. BetEd cut me off, saying my “talents in sportsbetting exceeded their capacity to handle my action” & sportsbook.com pulled a bitch move in seizing the $25,000+ of winnings because I had logged into Daniel’s account. This was an oversight on my part since my IP address had been blacklisted by them after the $35,000 hit from 2001 as a 16 year old in High School got me cut off with them too. It is well documented at SBR here.

Besides the screen shot proof provided above, & my facebook/twitter accounts which document many of the bets above & the giving away of thousands of dollars to those in need within my networks, any prospective client can pay for me to take a polygraph examination to confirm any of the above statements made at an expert of your choosing. I have taken multiple exams for a few of my Platinum Diamond Club clients already & have no problem proving my sports betting success. I recommend we go to former FBI Special Agent Jack Trimarco (http://jacktrimarco.com/) whose real life story inspired the character of Ben Stiller’s father in law, Robert Deniro, in Meet The Parents. He charges $2,000 & up for an exam. Anyone questioning how can I possibly keep winning 8, 9, 12, & 13 game parlays just needs to realize & accept that the aura of my Dollar Scholar Destiny is real & has been at full force since 2000 when I turned 15 years old in making national news headlines. It is not a coincidence I’ve continue to find myself involved in six & seven figure financial events ever since 15 years old. My confidence is what has allowed me to bet 100% of my entire net worth ($100 & $200) in 2009 & 2011 on massive 13 & 12 game parlays that WON me six figures each time allowing me to get to where I am today.