We saw a 1.4 trillion to 1 perfect storm of events in Broncos Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII

If you were able to bet $100 on a 7 prop parlay for the Super Bowl, you would have won over $1 trillion dollars!

$1,035,097,104,900 to be exact.

However, most offshore online sportsbooks, & Vegas, don’t let you parlay props.

The point is, at the Denver Broncos expense of complete embarrassment & disgrace – contrary to Peyton Manning adamantly saying he was insulted to be asked if they were embarrassed – we witnessed a never before seen nor will we ever see again, 1,433,523,433,051 to 1 odds for all 7 of the following things happening in this game.

The Seattle Seahawks would win by 32+ (4 to 1, or +400)

Seahawks (-14.5) alternate spread (7.5 to 1, or +750)

Will there be at least 1 safety in the game (6 to 1, or +600)

Will there be a successful 2 point conversion in the game? (4 to 1, or +400)

Broncos safety to start the game (60 to 1, or +6000)

The Broncos only scoring 8 points (150 to 1, or +150000)

The Seahawks scoring 43 points (75 to 1, or +7500)


The Broncos not scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl would have been another 100 to 1 hit if not for that final play of the 3rd quarter giving them their only TD.

Forget the unrealistic insanity of all 7 props above actually happening. If you had put $100 just on the Denver Broncos to score only 8 points in the Super Bowl, you would have won $15,000! If that 8th crazy prop had happened, & you actually put $100 on Broncos to not have a touch down in the game, that would have won you $10,000.

As it stands, we witnessed an incredible display of anomalies in Super Bowl XLVIII, unlike anything we have ever seen.

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